Thursday, August 15, 2013

We color coordinate EVERYTHING at our house!

It’s true…..everything HAS to match!  LOL


Yep!  Do you have a cat who matches any of your décor?  I DO!

Jack, who must be the biggest photo hog ever, matches the new vignette on the back deck.

jack1 altered

He’s happy as can be that I FINALLY put something back on this settee for him to sleep on. 

jack altered

I’ve had that orange quilt forever and never really liked it very much.  But I think it looks pretty perfect with my Jack and all of my pillows, don’t you?

As you can see, I DO have one plant on the deck now.  My ferns that I had by the front porch had gotten so big that you could barely get around them to walk to the front door.  It’s amazing how plants immediately soften an outdoor space.


And I hung my nesting box.    I can just see it with some hay coming out of it and maybe a few small pumpkins!

Now, with the orange and brown, I am soooo ready for pumpkins, mums, and other fall flowers!  With this cooler weather, I’m very tempted to buy some mums now.  If they’re available yet. 

I think I’ve begun creating the perfect décor for autumn.  Not to worry, though.  I have quilts for just about every season or reason.  And a sewing machine to make more pillows.  Next problem is figuring out how to keep the sun off of this part of the deck.  It gets late afternoon sun and will fade these fabrics in no time!


She seems to be calling for some garland over the top of her or something?  Still contemplating.

Jack says hello!  He seems to think he’s a blog sensation now!


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  1. Jack is one comfy cat. Love the vignette. Deb

  2. Oh...Jack does look purrfect there! He looks straight out of Country Living! I know this spot is going to be so beautiful when you get it all pulled together.

  3. Love your cherub, Denise! That chair looks so comfy. Your fern looks great. I was just thinking about how I had a fern outside our front door in the urn last year {this year I went with a tall coleus mix}. I think I preferred the fern and will probably go back to that next year.

  4. Jack is a cutie! I really like the willow chair he's sleeping in. I love that rust colored cherub wall hanging too. That outdoor area will look pretty all decorated for Fall.


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