Monday, November 4, 2013

A New D.I.Y. Chandelier!

Rarely am I silly enough to see something that I really love and say “I could MAKE that!”  Until I saw this particular chandelier.

photo from

Photo from

It retails for $425.00.

As many things are, it wasn’t as simple as I had imagined it would be.  I searched for months for the baskets and finally found them at Junk Hippy.   Then there was the whole “hubby”  thing.  I know nothing about lighting and how to wire it, so I really needed his help.   Getting him on board wasn’t easy.  Lets just say he doesn’t have the same vision and imagination that I do. 

But FINALLY…’s finished!  We just wired it the other night!


Here it is!  Mine is only four baskets wide.  Normally, I’m big on the uneven numbers thing.  It DOES usually look better.  But as it happens, I think mine works perfectly! 

We started with a 2x4 56” long.

My husband used his router to create a channel on the top of the board so the wires wouldn’t show.  We priced light kits, for a look similar to the chandie in the Houzz picture, but they were pricey.  We finally settled on porcelain light sockets instead.  Holes were drilled through the wood , the baskets were attached, and then the sockets were attached.  Then hubby wired the entire chandelier and we faced the larger problem…..


How to hide all of that wiring and swag it waaayyy over to the original ceiling fixture.  We have a two story house and moving it wasn’t an option.

We tried EVERYTHING to hide that darn wiring.  Nothing really worked.  Finally, hubby sat and wound jute twine around the wiring to hide it. Bless his heart, it took forever!  He tried his best to convince me that we should swag it through the new, and the old hook.  Uuhhh, no go, hubs.  So we’ll be removing that other hook and patching the ceiling. 


I am THRILLED with the look of my farmhouse chandie!


It works perfectly with my new décor!



And now…..looking at this picture….I’m sure that I’ll be painting those table legs!


I painted my board with A.S. Old white and Paris Grey.  I also added the same colors to all four of my baskets.

All I can say, is you know you have it “right” when you walk in a room and it just makes you smile!  And my dining room puts a BIG smile on my face!

Have a wonderful week!


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  1. Too awesome!! Thanks for sharing. Linda Come share if you like.

  2. You did a fabulous job replicating this! Your farmhouse chandy goes really well in your dining area. Bravo! XOXO

  3. Very cool! Looks great with your other things.

  4. Very nice! Looks great in your dining room...which has really changed a lot of the past few months! Yes, are going to have to paint those table legs for sure.

  5. Beautiful! What a sweet hubby!

  6. How Fun Is That???? farm Girl fresh LOL
    I really like it

  7. wow you did an incredible job!!!! You might want to look at my candle chandelier as well...its not DYI but it reminds me of this one because of the wooden board. Here is the link.. look for the picture of my kitchen table.
    our newest follower. Christine from Little Brags

  8. I featured your new chandelier today on Mod Mix Monday!


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