Saturday, March 14, 2009


Not that our arrival hasn't been without trials and tribulations! For instance when I started this blog everything was typing and translating into Hindu! I thought what the @#$$ have I done now! Turns out I had enabled the transliteration button! Fortunately it was an easy fix. These things will happen but all in all I have found Blogspot very very easy to use and understand! I'll be going to the Rink Gallery later this afternoon and hope to come home with some interesting pics. for all of you. A couple of super cute things have been haunting me since yesterday and just begging me to buy them. It's a dangerous place to hang out on an almost daily basis!

I am also creating another blog for Heather. It will be her on-line portfolio for all of her painted furniture. She was terrified that she might actually have to write something but I assured her that we would keep it simple and easy. Anywho......all of the blogs will link together and it will be very easy to navigate from one to the other. Just follow the bright pink buttons in the far right column! Now back to work!


  1. Lovely Girls! Conrats on the New Blog... New Beginings are Wonderful.. Happy Weekend, Jamie

  2. I LOVE your new blog!!!! I'm so glad that you figured it out!!! Hindu?!??!!! I would've gone crazy, but your so smart and now you've got one awesome blog!!! One awesome blog for one awesome lady!! Can't wait to see Heather's!!!! She does do fantastic work! Have a great weekend!

  3. Bravo!!! I'm so glad you decided to join the blog fun. Great happiness with this newest adventure in creativity for the two of you.... you know I wish you ALL THE BEST!


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