Sunday, March 15, 2009


We will (hopefully) be adding a new weekly post called "At The Rink"  each week to let you know what fab. goodies that we have found.  Vendors bring in new vintage finds almost every day and there is almost always something that we can (hardly) live without!  Which is sooo bad because I am sooo broke!

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We have finally finished setting up our booth (above) and are still trying to stock it and achieve that look that we both have in our head!


Heather is slowly trying to get caught up on her painting so that we will have a better selection of furniture to offer customers.  In the meantime we're trying to keep those blinders on!  The Rink is a VERY tempting place.


We loved this contemporary low turquoise dresser.  I think it would be perfect in maybe a bedroom with a flat screen T.V. sitting on top!  That pink night stand is also super cute!

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This pair of shabby lime green chairs surely didn't make it through the weekend!


Vendors really put a lot of thought and detail into their spaces here.  It makes shopping so much fun!


Likein' the colors in these vintage canisters!


This vintage picture has been calling my name all week!  Only $14.00!


The picture doesn't do this chair justice.  It is really more of a hot pink.  TOOO cute at only $55.00!


I loved this display with all of its bright yellow!

And it goes on and on and on!  I think that the competition and the fabulous displays are good for everyone.  It keeps us all on our toes to find better and better merchandise and make sure that we display it in an attractive and appealing way for all of the customers!  Everyone at the Rink is so nice and happy to have us there as a vendor.  The atmosphere is very positive and it's a great place to shop!  Please come on out and visit!  Rink Gallery is located at N.W. 33rd and Rockwell in OKC!  We've already had several of our local customers come in for their  first time since we opened our booth and promise the rest of you that it will be a trip well worth your time!  Se ya later on this week!  Hope you will all enjoy our new blog!


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