Saturday, April 4, 2009

At The Rink!

In this months Country Living they had a short article on vintage garden furniture.  Just another of those many many things that I have always loved!


They show such beautiful detail and there's just nothing like the vintage furniture (in my unimportant opinion) so....I went in search of vintage lawn furniture at the Rink!  And hit pay dirt!

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The set in the middle is my favorite and it was still there a couple of days ago!  $60.00 for the entire set!  The top was a marbled pink Formica (much pinker than it photographed)  Heather hated it and thought that it would be cute to buy a new wood top from Lowe's and (of course) paint it.  I didn't think that it was bad at all, it was in great shape.  But anywho.....cute pieces with lots of potential plus lots more outside.  These just happen to be the only pics. that I took. 

If you're in OKC stop by tomorrow afternoon from 3:00 to 5:00 for live music and free refreshments!   There's usually quite a crowd and it's lots and lots of fun!


So.......that was just a quick post for Saturday.  Other than that, I've been sitting in front of this computer trying to figure out Photo Shop and Photo Shop Elements.  I finally figured out how to watermark.  DUH!  I'm such a big dummie!  I always try to make everything twice as complicated as it really is!  It was easy squeezy! 

Hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend!




  1. Hi lovely!! Ooo, you did hit the jackpot, I adoooore vintage garden furniture! I have a little heap of it myself, and it is soooo sturdy!! xoxo

  2. Hello from Canada!! I love that and all issues of Country Living, thanks goodness they have not gone under like so many others!! Great post, and blog!!

  3. Hey thanks!! Got your note this morning...isn't blogging fun? Talk soon, Chrissy

  4. LOVE the patio sets.... makes me want to get the one I have sandblasted and painted, then again it's that aged, chippy thing I love (like looking in the mirror!) so.... or maybe I'm just lazy?! Nah.... Love your "new" blog! You're listed under "Sites to Inspire" on mine, because you two ARE so 'inspirational' of course~~


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