Monday, April 6, 2009

Where are you??

I’m talking to you Spring!  I thought you were well on your way!  And here it is……ccooollld outside today! We’re all waiting anxiously for you to appear.

005 007

We’re all waiting…..dressed in our bling.  Just standing and waiting and wanting….SPRING!

010 011

Serene little faces.  Wings at the ready.  To fly and fly in the warm Spring sun.

012 013

Little chicks are peeping.

014 009

Bulbs are ready to bloom.

015 016

I’m dreaming of Spring bouquets.   And Easter will arrive SOON!

017 008 018

My Spring decor is planned.  I’ve arranged it so carefully and thought I had everything well in hand.019

But we all feel like THIS!   Just a little off kilter and ready for a nap!   Aahhh well….what can we do but wait….and wait.

I sure hope you get this message Spring!  I’m just standing here waiting….dressed in my bling!



  1. If I had a place to lay my head that was that delicious, that's EXACTLY what I would look like!

    Yeah, I had Spring fever all last week, now its cooling off and getting ready to rain. Your pretty photos are putting me back in the mood.

  2. Oh I hear you!!! We had an inch of snow yesterday, and on Sunday I sat out on our deck in a tee-shirt...go figure?!?!? Your post is lovely as always!! Talk soon, Chrissy


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