Thursday, April 23, 2009


Okay….I’ve had several requests for pictures of my home.  I had some older ones from late last year.  I was surprised that so many things have changed since then.  I’M SPASTIC!  I didn’t realize how much I really do move things and change things!  Anywho….here’s a few pics.!  The only order that these pictures are in is the order that I found them in the computer so they probably jump from room to room and back again.

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Left…really sorry lighting but a picture of the upstairs den.  If you can see anything.

Right…..probably my favorite piece of furniture in the living room.  Everything on top of it and on the wall above it has changed AND I’m going to replace everything on the wall again.  I told you…I’m sick!



My antique velvet sofa that previously belonged to my grandmother.  It’s been around since I was a baby!  That’s a looong time!  It is also in the living room.  I haven’t done it yet, but I’m ready to replace those pillows with brighter colors!

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Left…….also in the living room, this chair with all of the different fabrics.

Right……matching chairs in the living room with armoire against the wall.  That cute side table….I fell on it (yep fell on it) decorating the X-mas tree and broke it!  BAH!!



Bench with patchwork cushion and pillows in back entry alcove.


Guest bedroom.  Presently in complete disarray due to a major redecorate.  Again, sick sick sick!


Better view of the living room.   6a00e54ee60a16883400e551c482ea8833-500wi

Our master bedroom.  Above right of the bed.  Below the reading alcove in the bedroom.


Below….above our bed.  Some day I HOPE to get rid of that brass bed!  Hubby thinks it’s quite romantic because we’ve had it since we got married.  I just think it’s ugly and dated!

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The angel is on the brightly colored chest in the living room……today!

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The dining room.  View from the living room.

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Desk area across from bed in the master bedroom.

009 012 019 Chest that Heather painted for me to the left of the bed in my master bedroom.  the little shelf sitting on top is one of my favorite areas.  I like is soooo well that I will probably leave it there…..for awhile!

So that’s it for tonight.  I am TIRED!  I helped Heather paint giant lime green harlequin pattern on a wall today at someone’s house.  That’s a LOT of work (insert whine here) !  I was ready to quit after about 45 minutes!

Gotta go rest!



  1. OH Denise! You're killin' me here! HOW GORGEOUS is this????? Oh my gosh! You have a sumptuous home and exquisite taste! I LOVE IT! I understand your "sickness", but I don't move stuff around here as much as I used to. My friend Joy ( sure does though. She may even do it more than you do! It might be a toss up. I'd buy it and move right in, just as it is!!


  2. I just took a closer look at your sidebar. My Granny's name was Eva too!

    Your Nanny, my Granny. Cute

  3. Thank you for posting pics of your beautiful home. You have an amazing sense of style. Keep the pics coming!! Are you still thinking of opening an Etsy shop? Hope you have a great weekend.

    Robin in MD

  4. WOW!!! Such a gorgeous home, this is my first visit to your blog and it is wonderful.

  5. Seriously? a reading nook in your bedroom?

    and those pictures of your home...HOLYCAMOLY!

  6. OH my gosh.... your home is beautiful!!!!! The guest room is so pretty... it is all beautiful!


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