Monday, April 20, 2009

I just want to KNOW!

So….last week I was at the Rink “fluffing” my booth when two girls (I call ‘em) walked by.  They were probably in their mid-30’s.  And one said to the other “now what did she call that thing?”  and the other answered “she called it a finial.”  I was surprised to say the least that they had never heard of a finial.  Now I know that I do have the advantage of having been in retail for years but still I just have a curiosity about things, lots of things, and want to KNOW about them.  Just KNOW about the world and the things that surrounds me, the things that I see on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis.  To really LOOK and observe my surroundings and absorb knowledge and listen to what is being said and what interests people.  To SEE nature and observe.  I’ve even been known to stop by the book store and look up a certain species of bird.  I may not remember it for more than five minutes (ha ha) but it cures my curiosity for the moment.  Now I’m not by any  stretch of the imagination saying that I am any smarter than anyone else, in fact with my new-found lack of Estrogen, there are whole days, even weeks, when I am a wandering dummy!  I  guess maybe I am just more nosey or more inquisitive than some people.  I certainly have several friends who only seem to be interested in their immediate surroundings and nothing else.  That amazes me.  There are times when Heather and I will just get in the car and wander through Historical neighborhoods in our area, looking at the beautiful architecture, the gorgeous landscaping, and oohhing and awing over everything.   I like to watch the sky, whether it’s on a beautiful clear day or storm clouds are moving in.  Right now I watch daily as Spring arrives and nature changes the landscape of things.  There’s a brand new birds nest right outside of the window where I’m sitting that brings a smile.  I keep hoping for a glimpse of the mama bird.  Maybe this is why I love to blog so much!  I get to read and KNOW about all of you in other parts of the country or even other parts of the world!  It fascinates me!

SOOOOO………this is for all of you girls who need to know what a finial is!

001 002

These are finials!

003 009 007

I actually use them a lot in my decorating.  I especially like the grouping inside of my terrarium.  It’s become a fun seasonal place to change my vignettes.


And of course, most lamps have a finial.


Couldn’t help but take a few more pics. along the way!

004 005

Have I told you that I paid a whole $8.00 for that table!  AAHHH what paint and a talented daughter can do!  And YES I am bragging.  Hey….it’s a Mothers prerogative!

Hope you’re having a wonderful Monday!



  1. Hi there,
    Found your blog from Jamie's Simply Me Art.
    I have a nice little finial collection. Loved seeing your photos.
    Visit me sometime,

  2. she does do a good job with painting! what a team! and she looks JUST like you-
    simply fab!

    like your decor- very nice~~

  3. Denise! I love that story! I am exactly the same way! I must know things! I think it drives my husband sometimes, but I must find things out! Love your finials, especially the painted one. Hey... shhhh little secret... I saw the grandfather clock that you and Heather painted! I have secretly always wanted to do a similar treatment to mine. OMG. You are brave! I'll paint anything and everything... always have. But THAT clock? I think he would have "the big one" if I ever did that though! If I'm ever brave enough I'll let you know!


  4. Love all the pics you post! Can we talk you into posting pics of your house. I just love how you decorate!

    Robin in MD


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