Tuesday, May 19, 2009

I’m SORRY little Birdies!

You know how you can make a comment, just a joke really, but a reckless silly comment, and it sometimes comes back to bite you in the @##!  That seems to happen to me A LOT! 

Take the post that I did about birds and how much I disliked birds.  And how afraid I am of birds.  And how they remind me of the Alfred Hitchcock movie “The Birds”.  Wellll…..someone was apparently listening.  Like maybe Miss Willow.  I mean, you think you’re doing a good deed when you adopt a tiny little black and white kitten with a so so sweet little “MEOW” and then…..she grows up and turns into something totally…… different. 


Is that not just the face of innocence?  And the name “Willow”  such an innocent sweet name.

So…..anywho…….last weekend T-man and I are having a perfectly wonderful Saturday when suddenly I hear from the backyard “DeeDee” and I’m thinking that something must be VERY wrong!  So I hurry outside to find Willow gleefully torturing a male Cardinal to death!  I mean it couldn’t have been a lowly starling or a sparrow.  It had to be a beautiful male Cardinal!  Anyway, the poor thing was still alive.  One wing was broken and his poor little body was all chewed up but he was putting up a valiant, if not futile, fight.  Of course T-man is yelling “DEEDEEE YOU HAVE TO DOOOO SOMETHING!”  Now I ask you…..where is a hubby when you need one?  Mine was in Colorado (of course).  So I thought “okay I can do this, I AM WOMAN!”  I tell T -man to stand guard while I go inside for a towel of something.  T-Man is yelling “HURRY HURRY” and “WILLOW YOU”RE A MURDERER!”  I come rushing outside with a huge wad of paper towels.  And try to pick up the poor bird, at which time he starts flapping his wings and squawking (a lot).  I drop the paper towels and start running and screaming.  So much for “I AM WOMAN”!  “I AM BIG OLD CHICKEN!”

Plan B: By this time I am expecting the police to show up at any moment.  What with the talk of murder and my screaming and all.

I’ll scoop him up on a broom and deposit him……somewhere safe.  Success!  The poor birdie decides to clamp down on the broom with his beak!  I (very bravely) head towards a cedar tree and deposit him as high up in the limbs as I can.   The cat will not be caught by T-man or myself, so we hope that she didn’t see where we put the poor little bird.  HAHA!  About two minutes later, she makes a leap for the tree and knocks the poor little bird out of the tree!  Again there is much screaming and “WILLOW YOU”RE A MURDERER” from both of us!  I chase the cat away with the broom and this time I deposit the bird on the fence at which time he falls into the neighbors yard.  End of story.  You know….out of sight, out of mind.  Okay not quite.  I feel just terrible for that poor little bird.  I have PROOF that I really do like birds.

111 112

Bird under glass, yellow HAPPY bird.

113 114

Bird themed paper doll, blue bird.

115 116

Eggs in urn, bird in terrarium.

117 118

Glittered bird, blue bird.

119 120

Blue Jay, Glittered bird with vase.

121 122

White bird with crown, white velvet bird under glass.

123 124

Pink glittered bird, picture of birds.

125 126

Bird picture, bird themed altered art project.

Okay, so none of them are real, but you get the idea.  I just hope all of the birds do.  I’m really really sorry little birdies!


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  1. LOL...that was so cute! When we lived in DC Jim thought it would be great to hang a feeder from a branch that drooped over the lawn. But the birds fling that seed all over the place, then more birds land on the lawn to eat it, at which point Posh is able to attack! She only got one, and we managed to take it before she ate it, but the poor thing was a goner. We buried him in one of those little coffee tins between the creek and the fence...as a reminder to Posh of what she had done.


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