Tuesday, May 26, 2009


I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend!  Hubby and I worked ourselves silly in the yard this weekend.  We were waayy behind on all of that seasonal work.


My Japanese Maple is doing so well!  I know, I know, most of you are saying “so”  but believe me, it’s a big deal for me.  I have wanted one of these trees forever and finally got one last year and I’ve been holding my breath hoping that I planted it in the right place and that it would survive!  SUCCESS!


It’s finally warm enough for Impatiens.  They are so pretty here in the shade.  Shade and heat, that’s they love!011

I don’t even know the name of this shrub.  I tend to buy things for color.  With the lime greens being my favorite.


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Heather and I did have time to visit one of our favorite shops over the weekend.  We WERE going to stop by Old Navy Saturday morning.  They were having a Memorial Day sale.  Flip flops for $1.00 a pair.  Now, that’s a good deal and I could sure use a few new pair.  We got there and the line to checkout and pay was……1 1/2 hours looonng!  Yep, you heard me correctly, one and one half hours to pay!  Now maybe if I had five kids to buy for it might be worth it.  We left!

On to our next destination.  One of our favorite shops.  I had been dying to take pictures for awhile but could never catch the owner when I was there.

The Paper Crown


My girl has a twin.  With wings no less.  She is going to be sooooo jealous.  I haven’t told her yet!


So many paper goodies.



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Pretty ribbons.  And this is just one small selection.  She has an wall full of velvets and other yummy textures.


A  few yummy gifts sprinkled in.


Everything is so well displayed on vintage pieces of furniture.



They also offer fun classes.


At home………………….

Miss Molly (former homeless girl turned Diva)  was busy napping.  That beauty sleep is important you know!   She prefers her bed to be…….MINE, unmade, perfectly fluffed, with plenty of pillows for her head.  Oh…and don’t forget to leave a fan blowing gently on her, ruffling her beautiful caramel fur. 

That beauty stuff is HER take on her appearance, not mine.  She has developed quite the attitude in a little less than a year!



Today it was back to business as usual.  Hey somebody has to play “yard ornament”!


Miss Willow has recovered from her humiliation of  a couple of weeks ago.  Not that she cared!



My outdoor room is a work in progress.  More on that later.  I have great plans to share with you!


Lastly…..if anyone knows anything about growing pumpkins, other than they need a lot of space, I could use some advice.  These came up from seed in one of my planters.  Little mini pumpkins, and I think if would be fun to grow some.  The only place that I have that is large enough is pretty sandy soil and I’m not sure that will work.  Anywho……any advice would be appreciated. 

Having a wonderful week here.  We’re heading out on This………….


………….this weekend!  Can’t wait to get away for a few days!

Talk to you tomorrow!   Our T-man had his “promotion” ceremony from fifth grade today.  Too cute!  He’ll be going on to a new school and the big sixth grade next year.  Of course I will have to post pics. !


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  1. Hi Denise, Thanks so much for the comment on my blog. glad to have discovered you as well and I will reciprocate the link. Your blog is just beautiful. As for pumpkins. They take up a crazy amount of space and they will strangle anything in their path, but they are hardy. You could actually plant them on a compost pile if you have one. You can also train them up a fence. When the pumpkins get heavy you make a sling for them. Some people use old pantyhose, but somehow I imagine you would find some beautiful fabric or lace for the job. Your japanese maple is beautiful. I love those. Happy Hatting, Anna


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