Monday, June 8, 2009

My Studio (sorta)

First…..let me thank everyone for their kind comments concerning my Bugsy Boy!  It was so strange, for a couple of days I kept expecting him to appear at the back door, even though I knew it would never happen.

Anyway….on to happier things!  I have been wanting a studio for a long long time.  I’ve tried everything from the kitchen  table to a BIGGER kitchen table but I really needed my own space where I could be “messy” if I needed to be. 

The only solution…..the guest bedroom.  Which also happens to be downstairs near the kitchen and kind of the “hub” of our home.  But, and it was a big BUT, I couldn’t get rid of the bed in that room, what with it being the only other bed in the house other than the master bedroom.  I also had considered a studio outside of and away from the house but after visiting someone else’s I realized that would never work.  It just felt too disconnected and isolated from the rest of the family.  For some people that is probably the perfect work space.  Not for me! 

Now…..I am normally an “I want it done right this very minute” sort of person which usually gets me into big trouble!  Either things don’t fit the way that I had envisioned or something goes wrong.  THIS time I did it the right way.  I thought about it a while and then measured and planned to make sure that everything would fit and….it paid off! 


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We had an old folding table in the garage.  The length was 8’ and the depth was only about 2’.  It turned out to be the perfect size for my little limited space.  The inspiration board on the wall now holds all of the “stuff” that I had “stuffed” everywhere!  The cabinet on the left and the two tiered pink table on the right do take up work space but lend texture and height to the space AND help organize my goodies!

006 018 005 014

Jars on top of the cabinet hold ribbons and other supplies.  Heather made me the “D” plaque for Christmas.  It just now found the perfect home.

003 013

The cabinet with the three drawers and the door is a vintage piece that I have had for a long long time.  It was originally an old English window seat.  Now, it’s holding crafting supplies and ribbon.  The pink and brown polka-dot skirt with fringe was a no sew project.  I used the glue gun (until I ran out of glue sticks) and double sided masking tape to adhere everything to the table.  So far everything seems to be holding up well.  I originally had intended to decoupage the table top in old book pages, but it looks okay for now.  Maybe later?


This bucket on a stand which I had never found a good use for, now holds all of my colored pencils.


I am going to paint this corner piece cream and then distress and glaze it.  I’m anxious to shop for new knobs for it also.  The cabinet has great space inside.  Some place for a small T.V. and a computer!

019 020

The cabinet is not too tall, which is a wonderful thing for short old me!  Yep….my butterfly fairy lady just insisted on joining the party!


More room to organize fabrics!

Only one thing left to do!  I have GOT to paint the other walls!  YUK!  I hate to paint.


Yep!  The walls are a hideous yellow.  AND I’ve already filled in all of the nail holes.  I’m thinking a really pale pale pink, almost white color.  And….hummmm now that I see a picture of that bed I need MORE pillow shams.  I’m thinkin’ white?  Those two standards in the back… that I see a picture, I’m not too sure about them with the shabby chic duvet.  Oh well, don’t you sometimes find that if you just wait awhile and contemplate things, the solution is there waiting for you?

One more thought…….

Why is it that no matter how prepared you are, right in the middle of a big project that you want to finish, you always, ALWAYS, run out of glue sticks?  It’s like some crazy Gremlin is laughing at you and stealing those last two.  I just needed TWO to finish up and I could have sworn that I had plenty when I started!  They’re goin’ under lock and key I tell ‘ya!  I think the universe is conspiring against me!  OH, OOHHH, and then…….then in a last ditch effort to get every single drop of glue out of the glue gun, I have the BRILLIANT idea to stick an unsharpened pencil in the back of the glue gun to force that last little bit out.  Which is how I managed to burn both hands with the glue gun.  (Don’t ask) it involved almost dropping everything and a lot of stupidity!

That’s it for today.  I hope I supplied some great eye candy for everyone!   I’m off to chase ornery Gremlins!

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  1. What an absolutely gorgeous studio space you've created Denise! I love your inspiration board, ribbon cupboard and white wire rack. And the bed is fabulous :-)Definitely a room to inspire!

  2. Incredible! You have inspired if only I didn't NEED that treadmill I could move it out and move my craft table in!

  3. "that's it for today?" my are outdoing us all Bella! you are living up to your name "Bella Dreams" -
    I really like the way it turned out too....and bed looks wonderful, and I would love to haul that outside for a photo shoot.

  4. UUhhh! Great idea! I can see that bed outside with all white frilly linens for a photo shoot! Come on over! It's gonna take about six of us to get it outside. That thing weighs a ton!

  5. OMG! Where do I start?? Your new studio space is absolutely ADORABLE!! GORGEOUS!! INSPIRING!!
    Need I go on??? I clicked on the photos and was able to see your little art creations. They are wonderful! Why don't you come over to my art blog, and participate in some of the art challenges over there. Everyone would love your stuff!! Now about those walls... Is that a faux finish job or are they real??? The block looks fabulous! You are one talented lady! This post makes me think I might like to host a "Where Women Create" party. What do you think? Everyone can post pics of there own wonderful studios!!
    Thanks for all your wonderful inspiration!

    My Desert Cottage

  6. Love your studio!! The organizing and the thrill of the hunt makes the finished product so pleasing. Enjoy and thanks for stopping by my blog....julie

  7. I am speechless....... What a truly scrumptious Studio Space, I adore it, it's an art form in itself.. wonderful. Mandy x

  8. Hi Denise!

    Stumbled across your blog today from Maygreen Fairies and enjoyed it! I am going to add you to my blog list. Love your studio space - so whimsical and ultra cool. I can only imagine what you'd do re-designing a new area! Maybe you should, just for US!!! ;)


  9. That is a wonderful studio, congratulations on gettting your own space!

  10. Denise!!!! Your studio is WONDERFUL!!!! I just love each and every thing....and I LOVE the bed in there!!! And how cool is that bed too?! Just gorgeous ~ I know you're loving it...xxoo, Dawn


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