Wednesday, June 10, 2009

What A Day!!

If you have followed our blogs for awhile you may remember that out T-man has had some ongoing health issues for awhile.  This goes back over a year!  It started out with…….maybe it’s juvenile rheumatoid arthritis.  So you wait and wait……and finally get into a specialist.  This usually takes about 3 month!  Nope!  it’s not JRA.  Of course we are very relieved.  The specialist says that he thinks it may be sleep apnea which can cause all different kinds of symptoms.  Back to the pediatrician who schedules a sleep study.  Again, we wait MONTHS to get this done.  Then six more weeks for the results!  Guess what……he has sleep apnea.  NO DUH!  They recommend an ear, nose, and throat specialist.  AGAIN……and I’m not exaggerating…….THREE months to get an appointment.  Yes….he needs his tonsils out.  Yes….he needs his adenoids out.  But……and this took us by surprise……he has a “deviated septum.”  I had heard of this but didn’t know what it was.  Apparently it is when there is too much carteledge in the nose.  According to the specialist, this is what is causing about 80% or more of his problems.  We did know that he slept with his head thrown back and mouth open, but no one could tell us why.  What REALLY makes me angry, is that when you looked up into his nose, you could see what the specialist was talking about.  Shouldn’t the pediatrician have seen this from the beginning?  All the time wasted with allergy medications, and prescription nasal sprays.  The poor kid.  So we knew that surgery was in his near future.  They scheduled it for July 8th.  Then, this morning at 9:30 A.M. Heather gets a call.  “We’ve had a cancellation, can you bring him to the Hospital today?”  “RIGHT NOW?”  Heather asks.

Talk about a surprise.   Of course I’m not going to let them go alone.  Throw on clothes, anything will do, and I’m at her house in 30 minutes.  So our poor baby had surgery today.  Everything went well but he is one very very VERY unhappy camper.  I don’t blame him.  He has splints in his nose that have to stay in until Monday and pretty much hurts from the neck up!  Don’t we all just hate it when our kiddos are in pain? 

PaPa was trying to distract him while we were waiting this morning.


What a goofy guy he is!  I say “this morning” but look at that clock in the back ground.  And we had already been there for hours.  Anywho….PaPa was acting goofy, trying to get on the Internet on the Hospital computer (not really) anything to distract the poor kid.


It worked!  And yes…..he does have red in his hair.  At first, I was not too happy about it, but like his Mommy said, “ah, it’s summer, let him have a little fun.”  He usually has it spiked in the front and all of his friends think it’s just too cool.  It’ll have to go before school in the fall.  The new school he’s going to has strict rules about this kinda stuff.

Well…the surgeon said he’s doing great, and if he has any one “worst” day it will probably be this time next week.  Oh GREAT!  That’s the day that Heather is scheduled for HER surgery!  I’ll be taking care of the little stink then!  The fun just never stops around here I tell ‘ya!

So…..I guess the moral to this story is “never give up!”  If you know something is wrong with your child, no matter what, stick with it until you get some answers!  It turns out that the deviated septum is also what has caused his teeth to come in so crooked AND his cheek is underdeveloped on the right side.   

Like I said…..”what a day!”

I took a few garden shots about a week ago and after that story, I could use something pretty to sooth and calm me.








Aahhhh!  There’s nothing like the beauty of nature to sooth and calm after a long day.  Except maybe a bubble bath, which is where I’m headed right now!

Hope that everyone is having a wonderful week.

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  1. I am sorry, but I didn't know anything about your son's health...I had heard you mention someone, but didn't read correctly that it was your own son....he'll be in my prayers....and you sound positive and so caring....good Mom.

  2. Oh Goooodness, at least now it is partially over, even though there is serious discomfort, oh my!

    Sometimes, I prefer things to happen spur of the moment, as opposed to the anticipation before the actual date.

    I am soooo delighted everything went good. Oh my goodnessss, what a precious boy and what a lovely family you have.

    I am sooo glad after all that frustration, you found out what the problem was. Poor kid! But, now he is on the mend, thank goodness!! Warmly, V

  3. I am so glad the you found the problem with your guy! It is so hard not knowing. I also loved your cj ground cover. I have some that I baby too. p.s. mrs ben answered your question on my blog.

  4. Sending Best Wishes to your son ! Take care Denise & enjoy that bubble bath :-)

  5. Hi, thanks for dropping by! I'm so glad you discovered my blog so that I could discover yours!

    Poor T-Man. I am going through something similar with my own little man. We have had mutliple ear tube surgeries including adenoid removal and yet we still battle with serious ear infections. This last one was a doozy and at his follow-up appt. this week the ENT confirmed that the tube is OUT...again! Little man just got his 2nd set in December and they only lasted 6-months.

    We also spent last week at Children's Mercy (Kansas City) doing allergy testing and immunology testing. Results in...everything's negative. AAAARGH! I guess that's good news, but I'm a bit frustrated as to why he continues to get sick and/or ear infections. He's only 2 1/2 for goodness sakes. (I must say that things are better since I quit working outside of the home and have been home with him for the past year.)

    Anyway, so glad to meet you and look forward to getting to know you better!


  6. I hope everything will be OK. Good for you and your diligence.

    Your garden is lovely,


  7. it's such a relief to have real answers! hope all goes well from here on out...
    your garden is absolutely lovely....isn't moneywort the best?! cute little guys :)
    welcome to our blog. we are excited to have you join us on our journey. we look forward to getting to know you better.

  8. Howdy Sweet Lady
    You hang in there ,the worse part seems to be behind you now ,and it is amazing how well
    flowers and a good old fashioned bubble bath can work .
    I think they are some of the best home remedies a woman can have to take care of herself during stressful times.
    Blessings for a speedy recovery to you all !
    Thanks for dropping by my blog.
    I was touched by the beauty of yourself and your blogs !
    Happy Trails.

  9. That does not sound like fun. I just found your blog and love it! Beautiful beautiful photos and design!

  10. Poor little guy! I'd be ticked too! It's kinda hard to calm yourself in the midst of all heck breaking loose! (At least is has been for me)! My Mom has pushed the Life Line button 2 times now, gets your adrenaline going!

    Do something nice for YOU!



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