Saturday, July 11, 2009

Jumping Up and Down!!!

I AM jumping up and down with joy!   Okay and maybe just a little bit of nervousness over how much money I spent.  But do you ever find one of those things that you just HAVE to have?   As luck would have it, I had to go back by the Rink this morning and there she was………


Calling my name.  Just like all of my other girls have. Poor little T-man was with me.  I saw her and gasped “O.M.G. I’m buying her, I have to have her!”  He said, very seriously I might add, “DeeDee, you can’t buy her, she’s really really expensive.”  Bless his little man in training heart, he just didn’t get it.  I said “I don’t care, I’m taking her home.”  “But what’s PaPa going to say DeeDee?”    And then I did what we swear we will never ever ask our children or grandchildren to do.  “You will not mention this to your PaPa.”  Okay, that’s technically NOT lying, it’s just not mentioning something.  I DID make it clear that I would tell him in my own good time.  It’s been several hours now and PaPa hasn’t noticed her.  Sometimes it takes a few days.


I also bought this beautiful Rosary around her neck.  My pics. pretty well suck because I had to sneak around to take them.  So I couldn’t move her into better light.



This one is wearing a dress and has feet!  I love love love her! 

Oh fellow Vendor of mine from who’s booth I bought her.  I think you were laughing to yourself when you sat her there.  You probably knew full well that I probably wouldn’t be able to resist!   I know you read my blog on Sundays!  Thank you thank you! 

Another blogger was looking for a Santos for her daughter.  So if you have any more, you might leave a comment or e-mail me and I will contact her with the info.

I DID find a bargain.  That offsets the crazy buying, doesn’t it?


I found this great bunch of trims in a bag for almost nothing.  There are some really good vintage trims that I can use on projects.  When I finally get started. 

Our upstairs air conditioner went out AGAIN!  Just to let you know how much I love all of you girls in blogland, I’m sitting upstairs in the office in sweltering heat to post this evening.  I know…..whine, whine, whine!

See Ya…….I think I hear the man returning from Wal-Mart!   Shhhhh…………….



  1. Hi: I am so glad I am not the only one who does this. My husband will ask when I got an item and I will tell him he never notices anything! It is a running joke, that I have had everything for 25 years! I just love your Santo. Good job and the trims too. Martha

  2. Love her!! I have one similar and I love her. Santos are so wonderful - congratulations on your new treasure!

  3. She's a beauty!! I have you to thank for introducing me to The Rink!! You are NOT my husband's favorite blogger!! :) Heehee!!

  4. I can see why you couldn't resist her. She's wonderful. When you see something you love you have to get it!
    I will show my foyer when I do a crazy color post!!! ha-ha!!!
    Stay cool!!!

  5. She is wonderful! stunning!- so worth it!!!
    Sometimes you just have to- you know- it off sets all of the bargains you get- keeps the universe in balance. hee hee

  6. I love,love,love her. What a great find.

  7. I love her...but that rosary is out of this world I am a sucker for a good rosary! Did they have any more when you were done...I'll have to make the trip if they did!

  8. Oh my GOSH! I LOVE your Santos! I want one in the worst way! I would have passed out when seeing her. Gorgeous I tell you. The rosary is perfect too. Were we twins and separated at birth? We love the same things and think the same way. I'm so sorry about your "heat" issue, Denise. I HATE the heat! I get very grouchy and then sick. Good thing I live in the Pacific NW!! Don't feel bad about buying your Santos! Did you see the (a few weeks ago) of the vintage Madonna I am craving? I swear if I had the money, I'd buy her! I SO get it!

    I think it's time for you to take a trip up here and leave the heat behind. It is SO gorgeous here, and there is so much to see and I will take you to the Monastery, the Abbey, antique shows and shops! Heaven up here, I tell ya!


  9. OOH she is spectacular!! What a wonderful find.


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