Wednesday, July 8, 2009

More Neutrals!

Last Friday was my day to work at the Rink Gallery where our booth is.  I really enjoy working there.  It’s the perfect opportunity to catch up on what’s available from other vendors and just have a great time visiting!  The only thing is……it always ends up costing me MONEY!  I have absolutely NO self control when I see something unusual and cute!


You see what I mean?  This bird cage was a must have!  Okay, okay not a “must have” but for sure an “I really really love it! "

So……it came home with me and started a whole new mess of rearranging and redoing.  Do you do that?  Sometimes just moving one thing leads to another and another and another.

First……I was entirely sick and tired of the silky burgundy shades with all the foof and beads hanging down from my chandelier.  So….


I grabbed these from our booth on the way out and brought them home.  At first I thought more fringe and beads but then was struck with the inspiration of gluing the buttons around the bottom.  A little advise for a project like this one.  The first shade that I did I tried only using neutral colors, no rhinestones, all sizes somewhat uniform.  BORING!  You couldn’t even see the buttons on the shade with the chandelier (of course) hanging as far up as it does.  So…..use different sized buttons and also vary your colors a little bit.  Gray is good ( is it grey or gray, I never know) as are pale browns and other pastels.  Then I went back and glued on just a few rhinestones here and there.  Not too many, just enough to give it another texture.  You can’t tell it from this picture, but I’m one shade short.  Talk about optimistic!  What are the chances that I will find one at say, Lowes close enough to match.  Oh well, we’ll see.  Oh oh, and one more thing, once these are hot glued on…….there’s no gettin’ ‘em off, so make your choices wisely!  I should know!





I know that slipcovers are supposed to look a little messy, but I don’t know.  I think I may have to wrap a little batting around the top of those chairs to make them hang better.  It’s just bugging me.


If I were to suggest to someone one bowl to buy to create little vignettes in, it would be a shallow one like this.  Your goodies don’t fall down inside of it and are easily displayed.





This chair…..keep it or sell it?  Truthfully, I don’t think I could pry Miss A out of it!  That chair is her private domain.  It’s my vacuuming nightmare!

So……my theory is, change is good.  Even if it’s only temporary.  The good thing about this sort of change, is that everything can go right back to the way it was if you get tired of it.



  1. wow wow wow, that is just beautiful!!! I love that chair too. Thanks for the info, I just love yours and want one for my daughters new house. Thanks again

  2. Okay... first I love the chair!!! I say keep it! Second, I adore your cute home! It's a wonderful mix of cottage, Tuscan, and whimsey! The after picture of the dining room is wonderful. I really like the addition of the slipcover. When I ran into that problem, I took a piece of cardboard the width of the chair and folded it over the back. Wrapped it with packing tape to keep it on and then wrapped it in batting. It gives the chair the structure it need to support the slipcover and the chair is still usable! Thanks for sharing picks of the transformation. It was great fun!

    My Desert Cottage

  3. I love everything too. I like the way you changed out the lampshades...looks great with the slipcovered chair. I have a chair similar to yours that I recovered a few years ago but yours is so much better. I'd keep it. We have the same picked mexican tile in our kitchen!...i love it but hate cleaning it.
    Oh just wondered why on my blogroll your blog is not showing your new posts....Weird?

  4. I love to see pics of your lovely home. It's just beautiful. I think kitty would mourn if you lost the chair.

  5. You need to get a Pledge Fabric Sweeper. It's disposable and made especially for pet hair. Works great! I have two dogs and 2 cats. I use it on my furniture.

  6. Oh goodness a lovely lovely room and a wonderful chair! Miss A has brilliant taste!

  7. The chair? Keep it, of course. One simply cannot have enough toile...I love it! And the new lampshades are really cute and lighten up the room. Your beautiful house continues to inspire...thanks for sharing.
    Linda @ Cottage Caboodle

  8. Absolutely gorgeous, Denise! Your home is lovely! I know it is SO hot there now. Come here and I'll show you around up here where life is green and comfortable. Your lamp makeover is great! I am SO leaning toward neutrals for the first time in my life. Funny, huh? Such a surprise for me. (Everything here is usually pink and green and some aqua). We painted our Master bedroom mocha recently, and I'm getting ready to do the guest bath in light grey (gray)? Same problem! OMG, I LOVE, love your bird cage! I couldn't have left without it either. And HEY, your big wide shallow bowl is perfect, they are hard to come by. Hope Heather is doing great. Stay cool.


  9. you have such a gorgeous house! i love it.

  10. I love the pictures. What a beautiful home you have.

  11. Love the buttons on the chandelier shades. What a great idea!
    I vote to keep the chair, it is lovely and Miss A looks so comfy there :)
    Thanks for following my blog!

  12. Where did you get the gorgeous lamp on the buffet? I love the fleur de lis base and the awesome shade? I WANT ONE!


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