Thursday, July 30, 2009


…….on the wall……could you be any darn heavier!?

Once upon a time there was a mirror.  Looking for an owner.   Heather saw this mirror and thought it had great potential.  This mirror was huge….I mean HUGE!  Almost large enough to be a floor mirror.  But it wasn’t, it was made to hang on the wall.  All 75 plus pounds of it!  She bought it, painted it, and tried (tried being the key word here) to sell it.  But alas……everyone who looked at this mirror said……”man, that thing is huge!”  DUH!   So no one wanted to take the pretty mirror home.  We hung it on the wall in our (then) shop where it, about a month later,  fell and broke everything in its path.  The mirror, being huge and heavy, didn’t have a scratch on it.  We marked it half price.  Still no luck.  Finally I took it home where it has been leaning against the armoire in the living room for months and months waiting for….?  Hubby and I to work up the courage to hang the darn thing.  Which we finally did yesterday.  And guess what…….?


It looks fabulous!  I don’t know if you can tell from the picture, but that white thing to the left is the beam to the upstairs balcony, just to give you an idea of how high it’s hanging.  Fortunately, I have very very tall ceilings so the room can handle a large mirror.  It’s hanging from two nails which we pounded into the studs and I’m still nervous about it falling.  But….I am really happy with the way it looks.  With such high ceilings the room needed something like this and it doesn’t look nearly as cluttered over that huge chest as it did with the arrangement that I had before.

Just one question……do you think that black plaque hanging above it is large enough?  I can’t decide.  It certainly needs something up there.  Those two pieces coming up on either side are a little strange looking.  Almost like it maybe originally came with another piece that connected to them?  I don’t know for sure.



Me and glass and “little stuff”!  I’m just too…..I don’t know……different, to just put a candle in a hurricane and call it good.  I have to come up with something “weird.”


Okay, same goes with urns!


The smaller picture that was there has moved over the fireplace.


From there I pretty well lost it.  Do you ever have those decorating days where nothing that you do pleases you?  For one thing, that huge chest with the huge mirror needs huge accessories.  Which I don’t have a lot of.  What ever do people do without books to use as risers?  I use them all over the place and move them often.


I ended up using my corbels side by side AND two books  to raise one of the girls so that she looked in proportion.


Speaking of which… newest girl received a new necklace.  I found a bracelet that I forgot that I had and kind of moved the charms around and modified them a little for her.  Fun.  It’s always a good thing when you find something like this.  Almost like buying something new.  Almost.

Well….that’s it for today!  



  1. Love the mirror! And I, too, love weird stuff in my jars and such...I could never just throw in a candle and call it a day!!

  2. Ok Denise, I have a post idea for you...please give a tutorial with lots of pictures on how you put together such beautiful apothocary jars and how you select what it is you put in my opinion you are the "Queen of Apothocary".I would love to see one done for every season/holiday. If you do this I will personally start a fan club in your honor. I have been to The Market twice for matches but have only found the one that looks like a french there any other place I should be looking? I am also looking for a serpetine style dresser (small) to go on my front porch...have you seen any at The Rink? Love the are so talented!

  3. I think that the plaque is the perfect size for the mirror. A bigger one wouldn't fit the opening properly. Your vignettes are beautiful. I love the idea of using books as risers. I might have to use that in my place!

  4. You have great style! I love what I see:) Too Cute! ~ Margie

  5. Oh Denise I so totally LOVE your style! The apothecary jar filled with stuff is perfect. Candle shmandle... this has so much interest! I would just walk around drooling if I ever saw your home in person, I just know it!!! Hey sweetie, I got some amazing news yesterday. Come over and I'll tell you all about it! (You won't believe it!) And it I owe it all to you and your inspiring studio!


  6. I have a huge mirror, too - I always shoo my kids away when they are standing close to it! I definitely think you could go bigger with the plaque if you wanted to, but seriously it looks pretty perfect the way it is!

  7. Hi: I love all you do on your blog. The mirror looks so good. I think you could do a large plaque. Before you go crazy looking for one, it looks great the way you have it. Your home is beautiful. Martha

  8. I am so glad that you visited me, because I visited back and I love your blog! How creative can one person be???
    Your studio is incredibly scrumptious! I'm off to see more bella dreams!

  9. Thank you so much for coming by my Blog for a visit and becoming a follower. I really appreciate it.

    I LOVE your Blog! It is just fabulous! I am joining up to be a follower of yours also :)

    LuLu Kellogg

  10. Hi! I love your jar filled with goodies...and all your vignettes for that matter! Great style...great blog!
    Take care, Laura

  11. I used to have a lovely house that the mirror would have fit right into! Alas, now I'm stuck in suburbia.


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