Tuesday, August 4, 2009


Well….the results of our color poll are in.

  • 15% said that they prefer a pastel color scheme
  • 18% said that they prefer neutrals. 
  • 28% said that they prefer a lot of color or a different color scheme in each room
  • 37% said that they use all of the above in their decorating

The one thing that really surprised me were the results of the neutral color scheme.  I honestly expected that it would be much higher.

I received an ad in the mail last week from Pier 1.  I was amazed at the style that they are showing for fall.

My personal opinion was……" been there done that!"

The 1970’s are BACK!


Remember the pappasan chair?


Or these chairs?


How about directors chairs?  I knew lots of people who used them because they were inexpensive, we were young, and no one could afford anything else.


Remember metal wall art?  I used to see lots of it at art and craft shows.


Elephant end tables.  AND wicker. 


The hollow glass heads.  I used to have one and had it layered with dry beans.  Then the cat knocked it down and broke it.  (Thank goodness)


Ceramic barrel shaped end tables.


They even featured old stereo equipment in their ad. 


Even some of their fabrics remind me a lot of the 1970’s.  I do like the shape of this chair though.  Kind of retro/contemporary.

Sorry Pier 1.  You have lots of really gorgeous things, but I’m afraid I’ll have to pass on all of the above.  I’ve tried really really hard over the years to replace anything resembling wicker, rattan, or any chair with the word “Pappasan”  in its description.  Besides, those chairs were sooo difficult to get up out of.  And I was a LOT younger then!

Disclaimer…….If I offended anyone with this post,  SORRY!   The good thing is, if you need to replace anything you may have had since the 1970’s but still love, you know where to find it now!  HAHA!!

So what do you think?  Do you love the 1970’s look or do you…..hate dislike it?

Love ya!

Even if you’re sitting in your pappasan chair  with your feet up on your wicker elephant listening to a groovy record or eight track cassette tape on your vintage stereo equipment with speakers that take up one whole side of the room as you read this post!

Hope you have a fabulous day!



  1. It's always fun to see what they are offering but these items do look a bit too familiar! Still fun though!

  2. I am more of a late 30's early 50's gal.

    Although I do like t hat chair (last one)

  3. No I really haven't figured out what was worth liking about the 70's style but I'm sure after another 10 years it'll hit the 50 yr mark and it'll be antique and we'll all love it.

  4. Hi, I agree, i tend towards 1950's for cute, or 1920's for glamorous. Great poll. Have a great day x

  5. Thanks for stopping by the picket fence. WOW, it does look like Pier I is having a flash back moment. If the heads aren't too expensive I would use them to make garden mortar head planters. Too bad you could only use them once ;-)

  6. Boy this does bring back a lot of memories. Thanks for that anyway. The reason I think people from our generation might stear clear of this style is because we lived it!! I like "real" antique furnishings. Where as the 70's doesn't seem from to long ago, you know? But anyway, thank you for visiting my blog over on Peek-A-Boo Street and becoming a follower. I do hope that you'll be back for a visit.

  7. The barrel end tables are cool if they were a solid color! I've been looking for a white one for my front porch! Let me know if anyone knows where I can find one of those (that I can actually afford!) ~ Margie

  8. I was JUST in Pier 1 and my six-year old fell in love with that stupid Pappasan chair. I had to hold back the Hell NO and just explain that it was a cat hair magnet and his 51-year old father would never get out of it, let alone his 40-year old mother with the bad back.

    But I had to give him kudos when he made fun of the glass head. That was pretty funny.

  9. Oh, my gosh! I've been working like crazy to get rid of every last 70's thing in my house! What other era would bring you indoor/outdoor carpet in the kitchen AND bathrooms? I gag to think of it. Our last quest: to remove the cottage chese from the ceilings.
    Some of the juvenile fabrics were cute, though, and I just discovered that those too are having a resurgence.


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