Monday, July 20, 2009

Off To Houston!

Well…..we are off to Houston to visit my step-son and his adorable family.  I’ll have lots of pictures to show you when we return! 

We’re taking T-man with us.  He’s had a rough summer so far with his surgery and deserves a little fun before school starts again.  2008 Vacation 001 '

That means we will NOT be travelling on the Harley!  Not that you could get me to go to Houston where it’s mega mega hot on the motorcycle!

Heather will be staying here taking care of the animals and catching up on her painting.


This is a piece in the process of being painted.   I love her new more contemporary design!  I’ll have an after photo when she’s through.  The pieces always look so different when all of the steps are completed. 

Stay tuned for more of that!

And……..I already completed my post for Saturday’s blog Party.  I’ll make sure that it’s posted and up bright and early Saturday morning. 

Well……unless I find something mega crazy to post about while we’re there……I guess I’ll talk to everyone Saturday!

Have a lovely week!



  1. Have fun - and p.s. I will be stalking your past posts while you are gone :)

    Great blog.

  2. Have a great time. I'm sure you'll take sooooo many pictures like I always do. Can't wait til Saturday!!!


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