Sunday, August 23, 2009


I’m sure that the Oklahoma Department of Tourism would NOT want me as a spokesperson.  My view of the State as a tourist destination is not too favorable.  While the people here in Oklahoma are the best to be found anywhere, the landscape is pretty blah. 


And flat……really really flat.  In fact when people visit from out of State, they usually remark that it is “really really flat here!”  HA-HA!

But of course, there have to be exceptions just about anywhere that you go.  One of those in Oklahoma is

Medicine Park/Meers area near Lawton Oklahoma. 


Hubby found these great old photos from probably the 1930’s to the 1950’s??


Quite a few of the buildings were constructed of rock and still exist today.



You can still see these cute little cottages all over the area.  Even the new construction in the area is built the same way.    How much fun would it be to decorate one of these little cuties!


Still lots of Buffalo in the area.  Especially in the wild life preserve.   These guys are pretty common place in Oklahoma so we don’t think too much of it when we see one.  Some people raise them for…….dare I say it…….Buffalo meat and of course you can see them in the wildlife preserve.   However, last year when we were In Yellowstone, people were stopping all over the place to take their pictures.




Views like these still exist.  Okay, the bathing suits have changed some!


I love this picture!


This line of tiny cottages still exist.  I think most of them are little shops or artist studios.


Can’t remember if there are too many houses left higher up in the hills.


Tepees in the area, no date on this one.


And here it is today!  It really hasn’t changed that much.  Which I think is just PERFECT!


Can you see the white bridge in the back ground of this pic.?  The same one is pictured in one of the photos above.


Here’s an example of the architecture and one of the restaurants in the area.


So if you live in Oklahoma and you have never visited Medicine Park, you really should take a day and tour the area.  It’s very pretty, especially if you are fascinated with anything that has a “vintage feel” like I am.  While you’re there, you’ll want to drive through the wild life preserve and visit Mt. Scott.  I think it may be the only Mountain in Oklahoma.  Okay, I’m exaggerating a bit, but I’m used to REAL mountains.  Like the Rockies or the Tetons!

So…..that’s my destination pick for Oklahoma. 


Other notes of interest!………………….

We’re moving to a larger space at the Rink after the first of the month.  I am sooo excited!  We have really run out of room in our little booth and this one is open on all sides AND at the front of the store!

I have been……PAINTING……in preparation for a larger space.  I usually leave the painting to Heather, but we are in desperate need of large pieces and she just can’t keep up.


Loved this little French chest.  The top is actually a lighter cream color.


Close up detail.  Just no pattern for me!  Solid colors only!


This little chest would be perfect beside the bed or in an entry.  Solid black with gold hardware. 

So there you have it……I will be painting my little heart out all this next week in hopes of having some great new pieces and a new look in our NEW booth!



  1. Loved your old/new photos of Oklahoma. It was fasinating to see the same background in earlier times. Also, good luck with your new booth.

  2. Wonderful, nostalgic old photographs. I have friends in Oklahoma and you're is certainly flat! I'm afraid I would spend the entire tornado season under the bed with fright!
    But you do have an entire musical written for you by Oscar and Hammerstein, so that's pretty great!

  3. I am stating the obvious here I know but yes, Oklahoma is flat! I suppose it must save you using the handbreak in your cars!!
    The old photos are very interesting. Oklahoma is not a place we get to see much of here in the UK as it isn't on the traditional tourist route so I find blogs like yours really interesting to look at. I have never seen rock cottages like that before, they are an ingenious way of using the local materials.

  4. Great pics! My great grandparents built their house out of river rock in Missouri. The house still stands and I took some pictures of it during Spring break one year after skinny dippy in their old creek.

    Luckily no one was around...

  5. Hey there, thanks for the follow! Very cool pics & love the French chest. Can't wait to see what you do with it!

  6. I really loved touring this beautiful place in Oklahoma...the old pictures are so fasinating to me! I love your blog and all of your vintage treasures....I especially love the paint job you gave those french dressers! That's great that you are getting a bigger booth that can acommodate your things! I hope you have a great day!

  7. This was really fascinating - love the story and the photos. I feel the same way about parts of Illinois - mainly the part that we live in, but it has its beauty in the northern and southern portions and along the Mississippi.

    Blessings to you and the new space for your shop.

  8. Denise, I have a cousin that lives in Oklahoma City and has been inviting up there every year, looks like I will have to make that trip soon, I smiled when I started writing this comment because that cousins name is Reyna and I have always called her Queenie, like the person that left a comment here :) I wanted to thank you for visiting my blog, It meant alot to me that you liked my "junk" most of my friends and family don't get it and everytime they seem me hauling a new treasure home, I think I actually see and hear them shudder lol You know I was actually thinking of getting rid of some of my pieces, I have many more in storage and I need room and some of them just no longer work for what I need :) feels nice to know, I have some options price wise, Thank you for letting me know that :) visit me anytime...Rose

    btw, I love the paint treatments that you did, I am still trying to figure out what to do with those french style chairs I showed, I wish there was a way to paint them an antiquey (is that even a word?) gold color and not have to try gold leafing, I don't know why but the second scares me lol too much work I think :) Rose

  9. I loved the pictures of Oaklahoma.. Especially the old ones.. I love all the painting and refurbishing you do to the furniture.. It is absolutely amazing.. You are really an inspiration.. My Daughter and I have loved your blog from the start.. Thank you for all the "Eye Candy" and inspiration.. Good luck on your booth and all your adventures..


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