Thursday, August 27, 2009

Precious Treasures

Thank you ALL so much for all of your kind comments, prayers, and words of wisdom.  I appreciate every one of you more than words can express.  I think that people in this blogging community are kind, wise, and compassionate people and there is no one whom I would rather turn to than each one of you!

We each deal with grief in our own unique way, don’t you think?  For my brother it has been spending time at my Mother’s house, often by himself.  For Heather, it is walking in her home and seeing things in their place, just the way her Grandmother left them.  For me, it is bringing home a special little piece of her each day and placing it somewhere  and knowing that she would be pleased with how much I love my treasures.



Her home is so beautiful.  Hubby was kind enough to take these pictures for me.  She would not have approved of the fact that pillows were out of place and the ottoman was not perfectly positioned in front of the chair.  I know that in the years to come, it will be very comforting to be able to look back on these pictures and remember her.


This little guy came home with me Monday evening.  Who knew that he would be the first thing that I thought of.  He is a very old old vintage bear who at one time had the fake velvety fur on him.  My mother placed the saddle on his back and that’s the way he’ll stay!

I was digging in a cabinet, just poking around, and suddenly I saw a dolls hand.  I pulled her out…….


I couldn’t believe it!  She was the doll who sat on my Nanny’s bed (my mother’s mother) years and years ago.  I had no idea that my Mother had her and had thought she was lost forever!  I hugged her to me and cried.  My poor Hubby, he just doesn’t know what to do with me.  He hugged me and said nothing while I blubbered and told him how much she meant to me and why.031 032

I remember her wearing a purple silk dress trimmed in black.  However, I think she’s perfect just as she is.  Unless I stumble across that dress, she will stay dressed in her “undies.”034


My mother loved her box collection.  These are just a few of them.  I don’t know why, but I just have to bring home a few things each day not too many.   Maybe to thoroughly enjoy them, think, and pray.

Yesterday, I actually started to feel guilty.  Although each of these treasures has nothing to do with monetary value AT ALL, I suddenly felt like it was wrong to be going through her things, deciding what to keep.  I suppose this is only natural?


Like this cream, chocolate brown, and gold bowl.  It actually has a crack in it, and probably isn’t worth all that much, but I’ve always loved it so it’s priceless to me.

There is so much more to discover.  Every drawer, every cabinet is jammed full of things that she has collected over the years.  The best advice came from a friend of my parents.  He advised us to take it slowly and not let anything go that we were in the least unsure about. 

More to talk about later.  Thank each and every one of you for listening.  As I said, it means so much to me!



  1. Denise, my heart goes out to you and your family at this sad time. Sending you a hug and keeping you in my prayers. God be with you. LindaSonia

  2. Denise, please don't feel bad about your Mum's things. I got rid of my mum's things to the charity shop because I couldn't bear the pain of looking at them and now I regret it. You are so wise. You are valuing her things and going through the pain and you will eventually be able to look at them and feel peace. Thinking of you still x

  3. Denise, I am new to your blog. Let me say, I am sorry for the pain you have of someone you love passing. I am so happy you found the doll, she is beautiful. Enjoy all of the memories of your loved one. Blessings, Sandi

  4. Denise,

    I kept many little treasures after my grandmother's passing, and I am so glad I did. In fact, my mother kept many things that I didn't even know she took and over the years she has presented them as gifts to me. Just little things, like the doll or china bowl you shared, but so sentimental!!!

    I am so sorry for your loss, but just know that I am keeping you in my thoughts and prayers.

    Blessings to you,

  5. Denise, you have nothing to feel guilty for amor, things that obviously meant something to your mother, will mean something to you if only for that reason, some you will know their story from your mom and others will be your own memories of those precious things. Take your time, you can always change your mind and let some things go later, but you might not ever be able to get them back once you let them go. Let your husband just hold you when you need it, he might be the one that keeps you together when you most need it :) My Chris did that for me and after 20 years of marriage I have no idea what I would do without him :) Take care amor and be well. Rose

  6. Oh my gosh, Denise. I am so very sorry to hear of your Mother's passing. I hope you are doing okay (all of you). Your Mom's house looks beautiful and I am so sure she is happy that you are looking and considering each and every treasure and deciding which ones to keep. You are in my prayers.



  7. Denise, your mother's house is beautiful. You can tell that she put a lot of care and love into it. I am so glad that you found the lovely doll, what a treasure to have something of your Grandmothers.
    Hugs to you from me,

  8. Denise, When my mother died I found so many things that assured me that she was the mother I had always loved. At first I did feel as though I was invading her privacy. But I think that is only natural. Your mother's home is lovely and I know it is hard. But with ease, the pain gets lighter. In my thoughts and prayers...julie

  9. Hey Denise hun.... What a beautiful home your Mother had, so cosy and warm looking. I think it's wonderful that you are finding these little sentimental treasures, as you uncover each one it sounds like they are bringing back happy, warm memories for you, and yes, they will make you feel sad, but it is all part of the grieving/healing process, it's good and healthy to have these feelings, so let them out sweet and let those around you comfort you and help you through the low moments. Sending you BIG hugs my darling. Mandy x

  10. Denise,
    It is only natural that you keep these things that your Mother cherished. She would want you to have them. I have so many things of my parents that have no monetary value but worth everything to me. It is your connection to her and will give you comfort in the days ahead.
    Take good care,

  11. Denise...I think it changes us forever when we lose our mother. Going through her things will help you sort through your emotions and memories as well, keeping and cherishing those that are good and useful and tucking away or discarding others...defintely a bitter/sweet time. I'm thinking of you every day...Alana

  12. Love all the photos you have shared in here. Thanks for sharing. Very inspiring. Hope my Makati condominium for rent is like that too. :)


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