Wednesday, August 5, 2009

project #2 complete

I’ve finished another project!  It’s a big deal for me because I’m a big procrastinator and I tend to put things off “just one more day.”


Remember the corner cabinet in my little studio area?


I finally got it painted! 


I added new knobs which I found at Hobby Lobby in the 80% off clearance area.  They ended up costing $1.69 each!   I saw the exact same knobs (different color) at Anthropology for a WHOLE lot more!


The inside had a cork board already attached.  Now how could I possibly have passed up a chance to goop it up with more junk!?

And while the outside will stay a solid cream, I decided to have some fun with the inside!  Good old Mod Podge!  You gotta love it huh?


I patch worked it with different pieces of scrap book paper.  If you decide to try this, the heavier papers work the best, I did have some trouble with the thinner papers bubbling up.  A plastic wallpaper smoother will help some with this, but some papers just seem to do it worse than others.


Underneath that vintage dresser scarf is T-man’s PS2.  He likes to play games in this room now AND I can watch movies with his PS2 also.  So it’s going to work out well I think!



My poor little cast iron Westie dog had been long forgotten in the closet.  I resurrected him with some flowers, a vintage handkerchief around his neck, and a new little vintage felt birdie friend.


This was kind of an impromptu project.  Heather and I found this cute cloth toile purse at a thrift shop a couple of weeks ago for $2.98.  I foo fooed it up with some of my vintage ribbons and tulle to cover the handle up, removed the front handle, and gave the front a little more interest with more vintage ribbon which I just pinned on.  It is holding my journals for now.  Which, by the way, I actually have been using lately.  Not to actually journal in, but they’re great for keeping blog notes and such!

The total cost of this project was under $5.00!  And nothing is glued on, everything is either tied or pinned, so if I want to I can take the entire thing apart later and use the pieces for other projects.

While I’m here, I had pictures of another project that the talented Miss Heather completed for a customer.  I had the pics. for awhile but they sorta got lost in the clutter of picture folders.

IMG00984 IMG00983 IMG00988 IMG00989

Wonderful as usual Miss H! 




  1. It looks great!!
    I love it!
    Thanks for stopping by my blog.
    Glad you like the witch hat!

  2. wow, both of these are awesome and what a surprise when the doors are open..I never would think to decorate the interior like that...both are just lovely.

  3. The corner cabinet looks great and I just love those flowered knobs you found for it. I have to say the Westie is cute to. Love how you jazzed him up to with the scarf and all. =)

  4. I love it!

    You know, I have some Modge Podge that I've never opened because I'm chicken. I need to get over that.

  5. It's perfect! Don't you just love what a can of paint can do!


  6. This a fabulous! Wonderful job!


  7. Great job, Denise!! Now, if you will kindly come over to my house and help me get out of my procrastination rut, I would appreciate it!! Apparently we have more in common than our names and our love of The Rink!!

  8. Your cabinet came out really nice. I live 10 minutes from hobby lobby, this store has it all. Anthropologie is sweet and pricey. I've picked up a few things there but now I get their catalog, it's free! My next project is my cabinet too.

  9. I envy your ability to layer things without it appearing junky! Wonderful images and I think Heather is such a talent and too cute to boot!

  10. WoW!! What a transformation, great job,loved seeing inside...all the best,Chrissy

  11. I love it, I might sand off the edges a bit , give it that loved for awhile look. Thanks for playing along on my blog post. Enjoying your music today...

  12. love all the beauty I see here!!

  13. I LOVE it! You always know when it will look better, but you never picture how GREAT it will be! Gorgeous, sista!


  14. Oh, you really have been working hard!!! Everything looks absolutely amazing! I just love the thrift purse idea~ you're right, you can change it up quickly... and, I'm very proud of you for using those cute journals!!! What a dreamy post! I'm inspired to make and create now... I'll be back soon!

    Christina XO

  15. Beautiful studio! Thank you for following my blog, I am new to blogland and really enjoying the beautiful and talented people that I am meeting. This site is so beautiful and inspiring! I have so much work to do to get my blog up to this level! Beautiful~


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