Monday, October 26, 2009

New Apothecary Design

Halloween is over at our house.  The decorations that I usually can’t get enough of were driving me nuts.  Probably because I’ve been doing so much sorting and cleaning at my Mother’s I’m feeling the need for organization and a sense of calm at home.  Or at least that’s my analysis of things!!  But I have to admit, I needed a new post for all of you girls out there! 

009 - Copy

Before above

After below


Since I hung this mirror over my favorite colorful chest, it’s been my favorite surface for constantly changing vignettes.



This arrangement was super simple!  If you have an especially deep jar like this one, fill the bottom with the natural colored shredded paper.  I think I’ve shown you this in a previous post.  Then, with that I added dried rose petals and the white dried delphinium petals.  Then stack 3 birds nests, starting with the largest one, one on top of the other.  Be sure and keep things uneven like I did here the bottom one in the middle and then the next to the right and the next to the left.  I also used three completely different nests not only in size but also in texture and appearance.  Work in several silk fall leaves around the edges.  If you are having a problem tucking these in the sides, use something like a butter knife to push them where you want them.  Next, I used other dried elements such as whole dried roses and sprinkled these along the top.  I tucked my three dried delphinium stems along the left side and THOUGHT I was done.  I stood back and took a look and decided that I needed more height.  Your finished height will depend on the piece of furniture where it will be placed.  So….I had to go BIG!

I found a silk potted paper white and stuck it in the back left side.  It was a good start but I still needed more.  This is where exploring your yard comes in handy.  Twigs are almost always good filler.  AND……they’re FREE!  I cut mine from a wispy vine that I have growing in the back yard.  Just start adding them here and there until you get the look that you want.  Finally, I added one more tiny twiggy nest in the top.





Those delicate twigs did not photograph well.  But it is really quite full and wispy.  You learn a lot about photography when you blog!


Speaking of photography, I loved these Princess and the Pea type photos.



Right down to that crazy curly white hair do!  Somehow, it looks just perfect in that photo!

As usual, I did not write down my source.  If anyone knows anything about these photos, please let me know so that I may give proper credit.

Have a wonderful week everyone!



  1. Hi Denise,
    Where did you get that picture of me when I had long hair and had just gotten out of bed. That's the hairdo I woke up with every morning...even the black make up under my eyes!
    I love your beautiful vignette...perfect for Autumn.

  2. Denise, you have the most wonderful gift of putting things together and I love reading your posts and all your loveliness!


  3. Very cool! I love it - What a gorgeous tableaux!


  4. Ohhh Denise your latest display is gorgeous! I adore the wooden doll, where did you get her from?? I so enjoy visiting your blog. Hugs, Mandy x

  5. It looks gorgeous, Denise! Those 2 pieces are pretty together, yes! Love your Santos! AND I LOVE Princess and the Pea!!! I identify with that story and have since I was little! I have an illustration of it from a children's book on my blog (somewhere). Just love it, and these pics!!



  6. The arrangement is beautiful. Halloween is tomorrow here and I can't wait. I love seeing all the kids in their costumes. Sad my grandson won't be enjoying it this year and just keeping our fingers cross that our granddaughter will be able to go out. Of course I will be making bags just for them.


  7. Thanks for the really cool ideas! I have an old desk at my entry (that serves as storage of table linens) with a mirror, and this is also a changing scene in our home.

    Your decor is wonderful and I enjoyed the whimsical photos.

  8. thank you so much for your prayers for my sister.
    it means more than i have words for.

  9. Wow, your entire home is amazingly beautiful!


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