Thursday, October 29, 2009

Rainy Days

It’s raining non-stop here today.  Sometimes, that’s a good thing.  Don’t you think?  It forces you to stay indoors and accomplish something.  Okay okay……maybe you just sit, read , and have a nice cup of coffee.

Or sort through old trims and such.


And think of a new use for your vintage finds.


This little vintage coat is just crying out for some kind of cute project.



What do you think?  That flat trim looks adorable around the bottom.  And maybe tuck a couple of things in a pocket.  My question is…….do I hand sew everything or glue.  I would hate to ruin the coat, it’s in almost perfect condition.  Just a few little worn spots here and there.  Of course, those imperfections make it all the more perfect.


All of the above, including the little vintage doll bedspread, came from my mothers.  The initials on the bedspread indicate that this was apparently hers when she was a little girl.  

I started this little house a couple of weeks ago.  I still have to add glitter.  I cut the little window panes out thinking that it would be easier.


Instead it looks like it’s staring at me.  I keep adding little touches here and there but it only makes it scarier!


Oh well….I’m sure I’ll work it out.  One thing I know…..glitter makes everything better!

I’m having Halloween decorators remorse.  I took everything down and now I keep seeing such great displays on other blogs that I’m regretting it!   My decorating showed a lack of enthusiasm this year anyway.

Which doesn’t mean that I’ve abandoned the season all together.



Hubby moved my concrete urn to the dining table for me. 



And I’ve been doing a bit of fluffing here and there.



If you’re like me and you haven’t had quite enough of Halloween……..check out The Old Painted Cottage HERE.

Chances are, you have already been to this wonderful web site, but for those of you who haven’t, grab a cup of coffee and prepare for some serious eye candy.  Click on cottage of the month, and October’s cottage will come up.  After you have drooled over all of the Halloween decorations, scroll down to the bottom of the page, where you will find links to almost four years of fabulous cottages.

Have Fun!



  1. Hi Denise,
    I love the urn and how you've Fall-ed it up!!! AND I LOVE the little house, glitter or no. The Halloween on The Cottage of the Month was so coool.

  2. Perfect rainy day activities. But I can't believe Halloween is already over! I adore your house by the way! Charming!

  3. Thanks for the link to the wonderful website!

    That vintage jacket is adorable and the trim ideas are great. I also love your creativity in bringing the concrete urn to the table - neat!

    I will leave my Halloween decorations up through tomorrow night of course and then everything promptly comes down, except for the harvest/Thanksgiving related items.

    Hope you have a great weekend! :)

  4. Love that little coat and your beautifully decorated urn, very cute. Also thanks for sharing my site with your readers! Happy Halloween : )


  5. I love this post,you need more rainy that urn,bet it weighs a ton,all your photos are lovely! Talk soon,Chrissy

  6. I love your little house! It' so cute! Happy Halloween!

  7. Beautiful! I love the little house and all of your gorgeous decorations! Happy Halloween!


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