Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving!

To ALL of you in blogland!  I have just one word of importance today……BENIGN!   Those were my test results!   Sooooo…..that’s that and now it is back to business as usual with a big smile and much relief!

I am back in full decorating mode!  I don’t DARE reveal too much.  I’m trying to save most everything for the big blog party on Dec. 5th!

So I REALLY shouldn’t tell you what this gorgeous fabric is covering that Miss A seems so intent on breaking in……….


Naughty kitty!

I WILL tell you that there have been some new arrivals at Bella Manor.  They can hardly wait to make their grand debut on Dec. 5th!



Huummm….do we see a neutral theme going here?  Maybe, maybe not…….

Vintage goods are being used again after years in the cupboards gathering dust……….


Like this eggnog set.  Now that I see a better picture of Santa, he looks a little creepy!  No wonder I had him hidden away.

Some of the girls who have been around for awhile are getting a little extra ornamentation and are gracing redecorated spaces……………



Hubby is declaring that we are suffering from glitter inhalation as I glitter and glitz everything in sight!


And some new ornaments are finding their home in special places!

And so it goes!  I am actually sitting here posting with paint all over my hands.  Sometimes I just need a good kick in the behind OR a party to get things done that I have been putting off!

I’m pretty sure that I got the e-mail problem fixed if there is anyone else who would like to join us here in Oklahoma for our party Dec. 4th! 

AND…don’t forget, it’s still not to late to sign up for the blog party Dec. 5th.

Thanks so much for all of the well wishes regarding my biopsy!  It’s such a wonderful thing when you know that so many people care! 

Here’s hoping that everyone has a “fantabulous” Thanksgiving!!!



  1. I'm so happy for you that everything is OK. You must be so relieved - make sure you do somthing nice or treat yourself to something to celebrate.

  2. Denise, I have been waiting for this post...and just knowing in my heart...that this is what you would say! Now give yourself a huge hug from all of us and get out there and have a wonderful Thanksgiving and have a wonderful time decorating! Besos, Rose

  3. That is wonderful news, I am so happy that you will be able to enjoy your Thanksgiving with your family and not be thinking about that. Wonderful news, thanks for sharing.

  4. What a blessing to get negative test results. All the more reason for thankfulness. Glad to hear that you are busy creating for all us folks in blogland to share in the joy of your holiday decorating! Peace & blessings to you and wishes for the happiest of Thanksgivings! :) Tammy

  5. I'm so pleased for you that everything is okay. This subject is close to my heart. I had breast cancer in 2007 too and there's always that worry in the back of my mind that it might come back, so it obviously makes me feel more positive when I hear about people like you and that your results are negative.
    I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving. Now you can really enjoy yourself and celebrate!
    Susie X

  6. Wonderful news Denise ♥
    Wishing you a Very Happy Thanksgiving!

  7. Thank God for good news, and what a better time than now. I know the relief you are feeling. Happy Thanksgivimg to you and yours...julie

  8. Denise, I absolutely love your blog!! I have an award for you. Please pick it up when you get the chance~


  9. Denise, that is wonderful news! I am so relieved for you. Now you can get back to life as usual.
    I love all this holiday decor at your place. I cannot wait to see more.

  10. The best blessing you and your family could have!


  11. Welcome to the Vintage Christmas Monday party. You are on the list and you will be a great addition to the party. Looking forward to your first post! xo Joan

  12. Denise, I am so happy for you that your mammogram & biopsy scare was nothing. That is a terrible fear! I had breast cancer & a double mastectomy in 2005. Clean bills of health are INDEED a BLESSING & something to be so Thankful for. NOW, you will indeed have a Merry Christmas. Good for you!!!! Take care of yourself. Eat well, sleep well, get out & do excercise that you like but, most of all... stay POSITIVE & HAPPY (Blogging helps that doesn't it) See you Saturday.

  13. Perfectly perfect....I love everything. I'll be back to check out the party. :-)

    Warm blessings,


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