Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Expanding my tiny studio!

An early Christmas present was all the inspiration that I needed to create this little space.

I finally after much whining (yep, I admit it) and begging got the laptop computer that I’ve wanted for sooooo long!  Now there’s no waiting for “my turn!”  I can just hop online and browse and post whenever I want to.

I’m in heaven I tell ‘ya!

So……several years ago I had purchased this desk at a local furniture store in the “as is” department.  It was  a HUGE bargain, and all of the damage was on a back corner.  Unfortunately, not only did I get a heck of a deal, I also brought home a desk that was enormous!  It didn’t fit where I wanted it to and just kind of floated around the house never really finding its proper place.  It finally made its way to the master bedroom. 

And….. it has found its purpose!  In fact, I’m sitting at it as I write!




My little world sits between our armoire and the bedroom alcove.

So I sat across the room from the desk the other night and just had to laugh at myself.  I always start out with great intentions of keeping each space uncluttered and clear.  But that never works.  I feel more cozy and comfy with all of my “stuff” around me.  What can I say….I love it all!


Right down to my newest paper doll that I made at last Friday nights party.  WHICH I still have to post about!  There are just too many fun things going on right now.  I’ll get around to all of them eventually though, I’m sure.


Miss Molly was a happy pup!  Now she can lounge on the bed while I work.  Nah…..she’s not a bit spoiled!

Hope you’re having a wonderful week.



  1. I love you new space. It is fabulous! And that desk rocks!!! Congrats to you!!!

  2. Hi Denise! Love your space! It looks really terrific! Always so fun to rearrange - kind of propels creativity!



  3. I love the paper doll and your creating spacke is WONDERFUL! Miss Molly is SO cute!


  4. I'm having "creative space envy" right now!

  5. Way to go, Denise!! I'd be lost without my laptop on the main level and then my 22" system upstairs in my studio....blogland is definitely part of my everyday life..hehe :0)

    And I agree with on needing ALL your stuff around you!

    Scatter Bliss...

  6. What an inspiring place to work. You've made it "you" by having your stuff around. It's wonderful.

  7. I love your creative space. In fact, my plan is to use one wall in our tv room for a desk that I plan to buy and it will be my space for creating, scrapping, playing. It's all in my head, and now that I see your cozy little area, it makes me want all the more to get it done. Of course, the bedroom would be a much more peaceful area, but space is limited. You have my wheels spinning now! Congrats on carving out a space just for you -- and on your new laptop! Blessings, ;) Tammy

  8. Denise, your workspace is TDF. All of your lovelies and Miss Molly is a doll! Now wonder you pump out such creativity; your environment is superbe. Have a wonderful day! Anita

  9. I dream of having a desk like that. I absolutely love yours. I would just love to sit there and use my laptop but at the moment the only place I have to use my laptop is my lap! Molly looks like a very contented dog!

  10. Oh what an inspirational corner, a wonderful place to get lost in the land of Blog. Your new paperdoll creation is lovely. I love being on the computer creating with my dogs nearby. Looks like you created a beautiful space.

  11. That looks wonderful! I particularly like the scarf over your chair - it sets off the whole scene.

    BTW, I got back to the thrift shop and bought the mirror (2€) that reminded me of the one on that site you referred us to; Very happy...

  12. Oh, how I envy you. Right now my desk is my lap with my laptop on it making me have hot flashes!
    Anyway, I love your desk and your place for inspiration. I think I'll work on creating one for myself.

  13. I love the desk! It's beautiful. I too got an early Christmas gift... A Laptop, I'm in heaven but have been so busy painting, I haven't had time to blog for a few days. I moved my studio into my formal dining. Woohooo, I'm excited...I have a fireplace in my studio now! I'll get pictures up when I'm done. I just love your blog.


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