Thursday, December 17, 2009

For Dog Sake!

We interrupt the Bella Manor Christmas tour for a tail….I mean a tale….of the doggie sort!

For the last two years, my Hubby has given me the SAME birthday card.  DUH!  It reads something similar to this……………..

“I was going to give you a tiny little dog with clothes to dress it up in and a cute little purse to carry it around in every where you go. ”

then you open the card and it says………..

“Then I remembered that you’re not crazy!”

So…while he (apparently) thinks that this is soooo hysterical that he gets me the card the last two years.

My daughter is indeed living the life described above.

She has a little tiny Chihuahua named “Bella”  who goes with her everywhere.  She dresses her in tiny little sweaters, and makes jewelry to hang on her collar, and carries her around in a leopard bag.008 

Bella weighs less than 3 pounds.  She shivers all of the time because she’s cold, but in true Chihuahua form, she thinks she’s a huge warrior.  She just isn’t afraid of anything.  Which explains the fact that she’s blind in her left eye.  Heather’s Westie nipped at her and that’s all it took.  But that’s a tale for another day.

bella 022

Okay….so she’s also darn cute!

Sooo……anywho…….Heather, on the rare occasions when she can’t take her with her, locks her in her bedroom.  As tiny as she (the dog, not the daughter) all she has to do is put a baby gate across the doorway.  Safe right?  No problem, right?


Day before yesterday, we came home late in the afternoon after a trip to the “beautifying” shop.  Uuhhh……my hair looks just fab. by the way……and I hear Heather saying “Mom come here, something is wrong with Bella!”   Something wrong indeed!  The little doggies entire right side of her face is swollen, and the inside of her mouth has (not to get too disgusting) grayish looking dead skin all over the right side. 

After much examination with a flashlight, we don’t know what’s wrong, but surmise that a spider or something must have bitten her.

“Here goes another trip to the vet  $%#$#@#” Heather exclaims.

So trip to vet next morning reveals ($105.00 later),cute little doggie in sweater with really cute jewelry…….chewed through an electrical cord. 

Stupid cute doggie!  Why she’s still alive and the house didn’t burn down is beyond us!

So I’m JUST trying to lighten the mood!  I say “WOW I bet she lit up like one of those cartoon characters!”   ZZZZZZZZZaaaaappp! 

Daughter not think so funny!  Grand doggie give my mean look!

So……I guess what I’m trying to say is……..we almost had “fried ChiChi” for Christmas!!

Hey, you gotta see the lighter side of these things!

On the serious side though……this is something that never occurred to any of us!  Bella chewed through the cord of her heating pad that she sleeps on!  I started thinking of Heather and T-man sleeping in that house the other night with that damaged cord and what could have happened, and it made me shudder. 

So if you’re a pet owner, watch out for these sorts of things.  We’re lucky to be able to tell the lighter side of this tale!

Merry Christmas Bella!



  1. OH MY! That little doggie is just too cute! I'm glad the house didn't burn down! I'm sorry but your story mad me laugh my butt off...except for the near fire. Have a Merry Christmas and may you stay safe with that big bad doggie!

  2. OMG, Bella is just adorable! Poor little thing, she has separation anxiety.

    Thankfully she didn't injure herself any more than she did and your house didn't catch on fire!


  3. Good grief could she be any cuter!!!! Poor little thing, she is okay though, right? Why do puppies do stuff like that!!!!
    She is a heart stealer for sure!
    Margaret B

  4. Poor little baby. I'm glad she pulled through. I have to watch my kitties because the younger one likes to chew cords. Yikes.

  5. No heating pads for my little sweeties! They just get under our covers if they're too cold! That really could have been bad!

  6. OMGOSH poor little wee Bella girl. You need some obedience lessons LOL kidding. I was kind of laughing along with you till I saw her little eye, and then to hear about the wires...gee whiz... never thought of that one.
    I have a Bella also and 5 other rescues. No problems like this little fur baby your daughter has... whew!!!
    Love your blog
    Love Claudie

  7. Oh my! That little Bella certainly is a warrior after all she's been through. You just never imagine the things that kids and pets can get into. I am glad that all has turned out well but it is definitely a learning moment. She certainly shouldn't have run of the house on her own. A nice cage will have to do so that she can't get into trouble. Dogs and cats tend to get upset when you leave them and then they can act out. This morning Jingles decided she wanted an apple ornanment off the small tree in our tv room and knocked the whole thing clean over. Now we have a very cockeyed Christmas tree. Ugh! Blessings to you and yours, Tammy

  8. Denise,
    Bella is way too cute! That is a lot of cuteness stuffed into such a tiny body! You make this little story and Bella so your beautiful blog. Have a great weekend, Anita

  9. ROFL...."Zaaaaappppppppppp"!! Too funny! I can see why they weren't amused but I sure saw that cartoon in my mind! LOL!
    I don't think a dog can get any cuter!! And that bag is priceless. Poor Bella! She is just an accident looking for a place to happen.

  10. You react to things the same way I do Denise. With laughter. You may as well laugh about it since all turned out well. i definitely have a mental picture of the cartoon character! She is a dolly for sure.
    I'm so glad you love your hair!

  11. Awww so sorry that Bella hurt herself! Dogs are so much like children. I bet she gets away with a lot since she is soooo cute! Merry Christmas Denise!!!

    Sandy xox

  12. Now who would have guessed?? Cute story with a very good lesson!



  13. I'm so glad your sweet granddoggie is okay. She is very lucky. I wonder someone was looking out for her? After all this is a good time of year for miracles. :) Have a wonderful Christmas my dear!!!!!

    My Desert Cottage

  14. Maybe doggies have nine lives just like cats?

    That little puppy is waaaay off the cute scale!! I almost can't stand to look at his picture without squeezing it!

    I have a cat that loves to chew wires, so far no tragedies though. We constantly watch him, which is tiring. He is 5 years old, not a kitten anymore, so I think we will always have this problem. Actually he is the baddest cat in the world.

  15. OMG my heart just came up in my throat when I read this! Poor little thing. These wee ones (and the big one) can really get into a lot of trouble. My smaller Lab got into one of my boxes of Nutrisystem desserts and ate every one of them while we were grocery shopping. All the wrappers were on the floor and all the goodies gone! She was sick for DAYS!!!! Furbabies are just like having toddlers!

    Love to you!

  16. Little Bella is so darn cute!!! LOL

    Thanks for sharing her pics, and are sure glad everything is ok with the heating pad situation.

  17. I just had to laugh reading this. I got my daughter a chiweenie last spring. She's eaten the cell phone charger TWICE, chewed through the cable to my modem, and within 3 hours of my husband returning from his deployment she'd eaten his laptop charger. We were very fortunate she never fried herself or the house. Now she's into wood. All of my furniture has chew marks and all of my trees look like they went through a wood chipper. But she's the sweetest little thing ever. So happy and affectionate you just can't be mad at her


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