Sunday, January 10, 2010

Cozy Comfort!

I used to collect quilts.  Years and years ago.  I kinda hate that.  THAT being the fact I can even talk about years ago! 

Oh sorry!……..I kinda wandered off there for a second.

So….anywho……I had quite a collection.  Then I was tired of collecting and sold some and so on.

Then…….one day at my Mother’s house, I discovered 4 quilts!  Heather took home 1 and I took the other 3.

I THINK they belonged to my Grandmother.  Not my Nanny, my other Grandmother. 

So…..what is an heirloom?  To me, it’s something that I use often or even daily and enjoy every time that I do.  To some people it’s something that you put away in a closet and DON’T use so that it will???…….what……still be here well after you are gone.  But what pleasure is there in that?

Heather my dear, you will probably inherit a bunch of broken, beat up, worn out crap!

So….still determined to continue chasing away those winter blues, I got my new quilts out and gave them a good look see.  One of them had never ever been used!  It is in pristine condition.  So I thought “why not!” 


Will it get dirty?  You betcha!

Will I launder it?  You betcha!

Will I put it through the dryer?  You betcha!

I do promise to use a mild detergent.  And low heat in the dryer.

What can I say…….

The different fabrics in quilts fascinate me.  The older quilts that is.

020 019


Such happy colors, don’t you think? From so long ago.



I found these delightful vintage pillow cases at the Rink.  I hadn’t seen any really nice ones in forever, and then a new vendor opened a booth at the mall and she had a HUGE stack of them!  I was in heaven, digging and deciding!


I picked this one up from her yesterday.  She and I did a little “trade.”


Love my little paper lanterns!  Heather and I found 4 of them at……you guessed it, the Rink.  They are definitely vintage and a little torn and stained, which is one of the things that I love the most about them.


The other two quilts (on the top) well used and hopefully well appreciated and loved.

But wait wait!  I wasn’t finished yet!  What to replace Christmas with?


I put together this little clear flower pot with some of my cuties.  Nothing is glued or permanent, it’s just sitting in the pot and can be taken apart whenever.


The little velvet chick is happy in her new home!  Wouldn’t something like this be adorable at a baby or wedding shower?   Most of the little elements are vintage, with the exception of the chick and the paper flower.  015


As far as me, I’m feeling much better.  The antibiotics are working!  The only thing now is that I have about as much energy as a hibernating bear!  But, that too will pass!  My advice to anyone who has an infection like this is GET TO THE E.R.  asap!  It was a pretty scary thing.

Thank you, Lori, for all of your info. about MRSA.  Poor Lori has had MRSA  three times!  That is the antibiotic resistant strain of staph.  Bless her heart, she was so kind as to e-mail me back and forth with valuable info.

Hope everyone has had a wonderful weekend.



  1. So glad to see you using your beautiful quilts. I'm glad you are on the mend too! xo, suzy

  2. Beautiful quilts!!!! I am glad you are feeling better! Sounds like quite the ordeal, lucky you went for help when you did!!!
    Margaret B

  3. Oh I love quilts! There's nothing like the old ones with all the hand stitching. One of my grandmothers used to make them, however, I do not have any...long story. Anyway, I'm glad you're using yours and enjoying them! So happy that you're feeling better again too. That stuff is scary plus all the weather we've been having. Take good care, ok?

  4. I love quilts too as long as they aren't stinky smelling *giggle*

    I am SO glad you are feeling better!!


  5. I have several of my Mother's quilts and quilt tops that weren't finished. I think you have inspired me to get them finished.
    You are so right about getting them out and using them. I think they actually become prettier when they are used, laundered, dried and used again.


  6. Beautiful quilts, love them all!!
    I'm glad that you fill better.

  7. Hello Denise,

    I'm so glad you are feeling better....Staph is a scary thing.

    And just wait til one day when you are reflecting on past events and out of your mouth falls...."over 30 years ago"...omg, what a strange thing the first time I was calculating time about something and I said that..I'll be 52 in July..but my mind still refuses to get beyond 29..haha :-)

    I love all the quilts..I collected them for many years too and then one day it's was over..then I started with collecting vintage Chenille bedspreads from the 40's and 50's and then that led to pillow ticking, then just kept going..LOL

    Take it easy so you don't over do...let those meds do their job...

    Hugs, Stephanie

  8. Denise amor, what beautiful quilts you found :) I am so glad to see that you are feeling better! MRSA, is this what you had? My stars I must have missed a post there somewhere. Hopefully that isn't a worry anymore..Love the that lil beauty filled pot :) hmm that reads funny huh lol Besos, Rose

  9. I love quilts and their even better when they're family heirlooms. Those are beautiful. Even when I was a child I didn't want to sleep under a blanket, only a quilt. I didn't like the way blankets "felt". I guess I'm like the princess and the pea.

  10. Glad to hear that you are feeling better. The quilts are fantastic and definitely should be used. I don't understand why people hide things away. Like candles -- why do we buy them if we aren't gonna light them? Or frames without photos? Everything should be enjoyed and not tucked away for later days. Live in the moment! The vintage pillowcases are so very pretty. Lovely little display you've put together. And yes, we do get some weather fluctuations in Kuwait, but this year, not much of a winter. It is cool enough for a light sweater, but not freezing like it was last year. Guess that's why so many Canadians and folks from the North flock to this side of the world for teaching positions. They are still wearing flip flops. Yikes! I'm wearing my boots -- gotta get some use out of them. Have a most wonderful and blessed week. :) Tammy

  11. Oh I just love to look at quilts and all the handiwork that goes into them. My mother is the collector though. It looks like you will get lots of use out of them and pass them on with great love attached.
    I am glad you are feeling better and received all the right medical care. That seems to be hard to do in this day and age, with all the new things floating around.
    Have a great day!

  12. It is wonderful you have decided to use the quilts. I used to be like that, saving everything. Saving...for what?? Things are meant to be used by those that made them. They are beautiful.
    Thanks for sharing.

  13. Love seeing your quilts! And I too am glad you make use of them. So do I! And your springy decorations are wonderful! Thanks for sharing!
    Oh, and I am so glad that you are feeling better.
    You just need to rest now and regain your strength.

  14. Hi Denise
    I LOVE everything on this page. I bought a quilt for $5.00 in a stinky barn last summer. It's falling apart and i LOVE IT. Better than my new ones. You are so lucky indeed to have such beauties from your grandma.
    Oh and i love your music. I adore all your songs. I might steel some if that's ok with you?
    Have a great week. So glad your feeling better.
    Love Claudie

  15. thankyou for sharing your glorious treasures they are just beautiful!! xoxo

  16. I absolutely love the quilts! AND the little flower pot arrangement! So creative.


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