Friday, January 8, 2010

Just Feelin’ Blue…….

Oh this cold weather and how it affects you.  I really really am feeling blue.  I’m bored and bothered with the weather of late.  But most of all my hands are blue.  Okay hands and feet are both soooo blue.  It’s so cccooolld outside!  Most everything is turning blue!

Maybe……huuummm…….. I should make stew?

So I wander the house with so much to do…..and feel like doin’ NOTHIN’ cause…..ho hum…..I’m so darn blue.

Then I begin to look, to really see, all of the beauty surrounding me!

A bowl full of pretties.  And a little bird, too.  I do declare HE is blue. 

Another little birdie, hiding under glass.  Surrounded by vintage buttons sitting in his nest.  And low and behold, there I see……a little blue egg, pretty as you please!

“What about me!”  Says another little bird.  I’m pretty in my white, especially in the lamp light.

“Don’t forget me!”  Says my favorite little fairy. “I’m here with my glitter to chase away the blues!  I’ll fly around Bella Manor and spread my joy!  And won’t THAT be better than….well….any type of new toy!”

“Us us!  Don’t forget about us!  You KNOW that we are ALWAYS here for you!  We will surely, surely, join the party and help all of our friends chase away those blues!

So we danced and we sang and had a great party.  It lasted until well after midnight, until the day was new. 

When it was over and I sat down to think, I suddenly realized  I DIDN’T FEEL BLUE!!

I was warm and cozy and suddenly to me everything seemed lovely as a sweet Spring breeze!  Was that the scent of the sweet Spring to be?

I heard mother nature, scolding me then, saying “shame on you girl, we must have our seasons!  And DON’T ask my WHY, I don’t have time to discuss my reasons.”

So……I came to my senses and then clearly could see, I’m only BLUE if I WANT to be! 



  1. I was getting worried about you. How is that bug bite? You have such beautiful things. I made beef stew the other day. Yummo, it was good. I'm going to make tortilla soup tomorrow.
    Cheer up lil' one! Hey, I found the funniest blog, she's just as funny and creative as you. I know how you love new blogs. I found her Thursday and I happened to be her 100th follow, which means I get a free gift! You need to read through the blog, she will cheer you up. It's

  2. Oh my, your beautiful blog post would cheer anyone that is feeling down because of this crazy weather. Thanks for sharing such beauties.

  3. So glad you're feeling better Denise, and what sweet little birdies to do the trick!!
    Have a great weekend!

  4. HA! This is a very cute post and oh so true. We are blessed beyond measure but it is okay to be blue ever once in awhile as long as we realize it is a temporary mood that can be changed immediately upon counting our blessings. We could use a little cold weather here to kill all the flies buzzing around and all the other bad stuff out there -- there's certainly something to be said for the seasons and the reason for them. Wishing you a warm and wonderful weekend. :) Tammy

  5. What a lovely post, it sounds like a poem all the way through :) It has started to snow here where I live, when we were kids we use to say that it was God'd dandruff! You have some lovely treasures in your home. Don't be feeling down, snuggle up warm, drink hot cups of tea and do something that you love to do :)

    All things nice...

  6. I was sorry to hear you were feeling blue.But am happy to hear Mother Nature and your lovely birds have cheered you up.
    Keep on dreaming dear Denise.

  7. I dont remember the New England winter being as bad last year. I usually look forward to and love winter, but I'm already over this one. I'm ready for Spring.

    Thanks for taking me out of my winter funk with this post!

  8. Hi Denise,
    LOVE THIS...LOVE YOU...and after reading this, I'm no longer blue too!!!
    Thank you for cheering me up with this oh so cute post.
    hugs, hugs, and more hugs

  9. I just found your blog from Holly's beautiful blog. What fun it is to look thru your posts. I love it. Have a lovely day.

  10. Thanks for making me smile with your cute sweet story. It's cold here too...and I live in east central Florida, we actually had sleet today...not used to this weather!!! Stay warm...

  11. It's the pits being under the weather. At least your not missing great weather out there. I think I could wander around your house for days admiring everything before I'd get bored.

    Have a cup of tea and savor that lovely home of yours. I'm enjoying it here with a cup of tea! Love your photos as always.

  12. What a cute little story Denise, and beautiful images to go along with it. I think I live in the only place in the country that's even a little bit warm, and that's just during the day, it's still pretty cold here at night. I hope you warm up soon.

  13. I have been feeling blue too; but literally. My hands and feet are blue!! LOL!! And alas I had no birdie to sing to me. But your images and writing put me right into spring. And I needed that. Thank you dear one!!


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