Tuesday, January 19, 2010

So Exciting!

I am just loving all of your comments.  Thank you so so much!  Once again, all of my friends in blogland “get it.”   If it’s out of the norm, this is the place to come for excitement and support.  Right down to carving heart shapes in the lawn with weed eaters!  How much fun would that be?  I may be calling on all of you for input on our ideas as this proceeds.  I am very fortunate that Heather and I have exactly the same tastes so we are totally in sync when it comes to all of the plans!


I know that Heather is doing the vintage brooches, but how cute is this bouquet tied with the jute twine!  So many great and different ideas.

As for the age thing……that is so funny!  It never occurred to me one way or another how old anyone out there may have thought that I was.  It’s a great joke with Heather and I that when we’re out in public together I am always trying to get her to tell everyone that I am her sister!  Unfortunately she never goes for it, not even ONCE!  Naughty daughter!

While I was exploring the internet, I found this picture.


This is the chapel In Moose, Wyoming ( near Jackson Hole, Wy.) where I got married when I was 18.  Yep 18!  Can we say young and stupid! 


Picture of the inside of the chapel.  No this is not my wedding.  The view out of that picture window is of the Teton Mountains and is just breathtaking.

Photos from Martha Stewart web site.

Too bad my marriage didn’t endure like the beauty of this setting!  On the other hand, I can’t say I would change a thing because from this first union came my beautiful daughter, Heather.  I later remarried, and have been married to my present hubby for over 30 years.  He adopted Heather when she was five years old and has been the only Daddy she has ever known.

Love to all of you out there!



  1. Congratulations! To BOTH of you! Ha ha! Can't wait to see all the wonderful ideas and plans. Wow, you are going to be BUSY! Truly wonderful!
    hugs and blessings,

  2. Can't wait to watch the wedding unfold on your blog!

  3. Congrats to all of you! I am waiting with anticipation to all of your great ideas. Of course, there will be lots of photos, right :) This just sounds so exciting to plan, a rustic, shabby chic wedding, my mind is reeling.

    Thanks for sharing.
    Have a blessed week

  4. Best wishes! Weddings details are so much fun for girls like us! Looking forward to photos.

  5. Thank you for your kind comment. It is appreciated more than these words can convey:) Love to see your beautiful work as always!

  6. A beautiful story and beautiful pictures! Thanks Denise!


  7. oh...the wedding is going to be so pretty~~congratulations!!
    can't wait to see more photos...it's so romantic


  8. Congrats to all of you!!
    I can't wait to see the decorating ideas you come up with.
    My daughter was married 3 years ago now and was married in an antique horse stable, it was so stunningly beautiful. Everything was fresh and full of nature. It was truly one of the most beauiful places I have ever seen.
    I am sure you will have the time of your life getting ready for the big day.
    I will look forward to more of your sharing with all of us.

  9. All of this wedding talk has me seeing hearts!

  10. Have fun with the wedding plans.....for sure it'll not be boring!!!

  11. Congratulations! Sounds like you guys are going to have a great time planning. Looking forward to the details.

  12. Thanks for letting us enjoy this wonderful time with you. I love the idea of the grass cut in the shape of hearts!

  13. Denise, I haven't been to a wedding in a long time, and really I don't care for them BUT... I know I'm going to enjoy watching the 2 of you GO AT IT... I mean that in a good way. lol
    Interesting that your having it in Moose Wyoming. We used to live in Casper, Wyoming and would take all 3 kids for weekend adventures.. and Moose was one of our stops. The Titons (kids never understood it when I said that with a French accent, cuz it's sounds funny...it's like Boobs in French. Anyway. Just stopping in before I get mu butt to bed. It's 2:20 here.. talk soon
    Love Claudie now in Canada.

  14. Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment! Your wedding place is sooooo pretty and sometimes the first marriage doesn't take:) Sweet daughter and it looks like you have a special relationship, so do I and I am thankful for it! Have a blessed day and come see me again!


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