Sunday, January 3, 2010

To The E.R.

Hubby finally convinced me to go, okay drug me, to the emergency room last night.

For some reason, he’s always convinced that I’m going to have a heart attack.  I’m sure that has nothing to do with the fact that I’m shaped like a beach ball!  :)

Plus I have this huge red area on my left arm that is getting bigger and nastier looking by the hour and red streaks running up my arm.

The Doc. walks in the room and……

……is it just me, or are all of the Docs. these days looking like Doogie Howser?


I mean really…….

So anywho…….I find out I’m not having a heart attack. 

He thinks this thing on my arm which is getting bigger and bigger as we sit there, is one of my eczema spots that has gotten infected.  I point out to him, at least three times, that there was nothing in this area before this morning. 

No response from him.

I figure he’s “waxing poetic” over last years prom date and not paying attention. 

So he did give me a prescription for antibiotics.

I get home and start looking at my arm, and I think I slept with a spider, of the black widow type, the other night.  Judging from the symptoms.  Chest pains, severe muscle aches, restlessness, my arm is super swollen and nasty looking and hurts like heck.

And right now, my arm looks like one of those pics. that come up when you do a Google search for pics. of spider bites.  YUK!

But gee…….at least it’s not the flu!



  1. Oh darling, take care! I am not a doc, so, I say this as a friend over coffee, water, water, water to wash out the toxins. Thank goodness for husbands who care and listen. You take care Denise. Blessings.

  2. Spider was the first thing I thought about when you were describing your arm. I am so glad you went to the ER and you are right...some of these precious residents in the ER look like 6th graders wandering around! Bless their hearts!

    You get better sweet girl!


  3. Please do take it easy. I will pray for a fast healing 'cause I know you've got things to do. It is hard to slow down sometimes but you can do it. Let us know when you are all better.

  4. I hate when I go to a Dr. that is younger than me! Not because I don't think they are capable but because it makes me feel so, dare I say, old?
    Hope you get well soon!

  5. oh my Denise!! maybe you need to go back again? sounds kinda scary!! I am so frightened of spiders so much so that my shrill would probably frighten them far more! take care and get well soon

  6. Ouch keep a close eye on it if it gets larger go back could be a staff infection and that is not good. Keep well.

  7. Please take care.... Hopefully New Year will get better... Blessings

  8. Ouch...I hope it gets better, take care and stay away from those spiders.
    Happy New Year...

  9. My God, Denise, you need to go to an adult doctor, please take care!!!
    This sounds really bad, I hope you are okay!! Please keep us posted!
    Margaret B

  10. OH Dear, I was thinking spider bite as well. I'm wondering if he gave you a high dose of Anti's for that. If it's not better 24 hours after you took the first anti, I'd call your doctor and ask for a higher dose. Bless your heart. Take it easy and keep watching it. Keep us updated.

  11. I would call your Doctor first thing...seriously! Feel Better bastard spider yuck! Feel better soon xoxox

  12. What a sweet hubby to force ya to take care of yourself (which we women NEVER do!!). Kick your feet up and blog surf! Happy 2010!

  13. Oh dear! Spider bites are nasty things for sure. I am glad you do have the antibiotics should help. I am also glad you went in to the ER. It needed looking at.
    Remember...don't itch it!! LOL!

  14. Denise amor, Thank you for listening to your hubby, DR Doogie needs to be smacked for not seeing what it was right off...You are so lucky you didn't have a worse reaction than that...I hope that you are feeling better real quick now that you have antibiotics and get some rest...ohh yes one more thing! Thank you hubby :) Besos, Rose

    And my family laughs at my fear of all spiders no matter how small :)

  15. Ohhh Denise hun that sounds nasty sweet... you keep a close eye on it and look after yourself. Hugs, Mandy x

  16. Denise,

    Thank goodness that Doogie at least gave you antibiotics if it is a spider bite. My mom is elergic to spiders, so I know you are uncomfortable right now. If it gets worse, you mUST go back to the er and maybe find a doctor over 30 to look you over.


  17. Yikes...hope that it all goes away quickly, BUT, if it's still bad tomorrow I believe I'd seek a second opinion from someone who is just a bit older than Doogie!

  18. Gee Denise, that sounds terrible. I hope Dr. Houser did some tests??????

    Hope you feel better.

  19. SCARY!!!! you take care of yourself...go back in!

  20. My 11 year old son had an allergic reaction to something as we travelled from Chicago to Washington and then to Kuwait after our summer in the States. I started giving him Benadryl right away; the whole side of his face swelled up and he had hives all over his body. They even called for a doctor on the flight from Washington to Kuwait as they were afraid his throat might close up. The symptoms lasted for days. Still don't know what caused it. But thankfully it didn't get worse. Doctors give antibiotics way too much these days. But hopefully that will do the trick and you will be back to better very soon. Take care! Blessings, Tammy

  21. I sure hope you get some relief from whatever is causing your problems. Have a blessed day!

  22. Better safe then sorry! Your hubby did good bringing you in!
    Hope it heals soon.
    Take good care of yourself!

  23. Make sure they watch it and make sure it's not MRSA or staph -- I had MRSA when they thought it was a spider bite. If it's MRSA, it probably won't respond to whatever they gave you for a spider bite. Feel free to email me!


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