Saturday, January 2, 2010

Starting A New Year!

I had all of these big plans for a great post this weekend.  Instead, I’m laying in bed with the flu.  Did you know that it’s really difficult to type with a lap top balanced on your leg?!  It’s the weirdest flu ever.  HORRIBLE body aches, stuffy nose, and some other aches and pains (in the left arm) that have me worried enough to make a Doctors appointment Monday.  Bummer I tell ya!

I will however, give you a little sneak peak of something that I picked up at the Rink.


The Christmas is put away now, so I will take new pics. to show you.  Maybe tomorrow. 

Right now, I’m feeling just good enough to maybe cruise a few new blogs.

Happy Saturday!



  1. I hope you get well again soon!

  2. feel better your picture cute snowflake Grace

  3. Hope you're feeling better real soon!!


  4. I hope you start feeling better so you can show us the rest of your sneek peek.

  5. I hope you get well soon. Looking forward to your new posts.

  6. I think I am coming down with the crud too...I feel like a walking petri dish!

    I love the new banner and can't wait to see pics of your newest treasure :)

    Feel better sweet girl!


  7. Sending warm feel good wishes your way. Hope you are feeling better very soon. Blessings, Tammy

  8. Denise amor, I hope you feel better real quick, the flu in not fun at all :( I used the Tylennol Severe Cold & Flu, let me tell you they made a huge difference, as soon as they were wearing off I could feel it...slumping back into my bed was a dead giveaway :)I love the snow flakes, especially the one that looks like lil brances with beads...I just might have to steal this one :) Besos & feel better! Rose

  9. Awww! Sweetie!! Feel better soon. I swear by Tylenol Cold and Flu too!! Makes a world of difference. Love your new stars. Beautiful
    Hugging you gently


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