Thursday, February 25, 2010


Yesterday was the day.  As in the day that we went to look at “the” barn for the wedding festivities.

So we were ever hopeful.  And optimistic, having not yet seen the barn.


oh boy……..


uh…..nice and airy, and the horses are happy.

oh boy………..


“what’s your problem lady, we love it here!”


“yeah, I’d get married here in a heartbeat!”


“I mean look at this place!  This is prime baby!  Prime!”


“Aahhh……come on Mama, give this baby a kiss.”

So… do you tell a generous and well intentioned friend……”NO!”

So I kindly said “no”, and same kind friend suggested that we check out the round barn in Arcadia Oklahoma just down the road.

“The Round Barn”  A famous landmark on old Route 66.  Say those three words to most any Oklahoma native and they know exactly what you’re talking about.

So we proceed on down the road pretty bummed.  And both Heather and I thinking that there’s probably no way that the date we want would be available and that it would be way out of our budget if it was available.

But… WAS available, and it was really reasonable!!!!!!!!


Built in 1898.


Here it is……an amazing piece of architecture!

The following pics. are pretty dark,  we couldn’t find all of the light switches.




That last one…..looking straight up at the roof inside.  Amazing.  And the acoustics….also amazing.  You can stand on one side of the barn and listen to a conversation on the other side like it’s being broadcast over a load speaker!  It has been lovingly and perfectly restored and is just beautiful.  These pictures are actually in the upstairs loft where parties and such take place.  We are very very excited!  


And… Heather received her special engagement ring.   Special for the most obvious reasons, but also special because it contains diamonds from my grandmother, my mother, and me.  And a very special diamond purchased by her fiancé.  So it is a true heirloom and a special piece of jewelry representing the women in our family.


I haven’t seen it yet.  Heather said that these pictures don’t even come close to doing it justice.


And here it is with the diamond solitaire.  She is so excited.  The jeweler wanted to replace one of the stones which was a different size, with another one but Heather said “no!”  Each and every stone had a significant meaning.  So he worked around it.  Very well, I think!



So… the serious planning begins.  I love the table setting in the pic. above.


I’ve started a wedding ideas file with beautiful ideas that I love!  AND I have many generous offers of help!

I have also had several requests to see our decorating before the ceremony.  Everyone is welcome to stop by the barn that day. I have no doubt that we will be there all day.  But watch out!  You may very well be put to work!

The big day……SATURDAY MAY 29TH!!!!

DENISE –Have a wonderful Friday!


  1. How exciting!!! The round barn look amazing!!!

  2. it's all very exciting!! that round barn is super cool and so unique! o.k...can we talk about that ring? GA-OR-JUS!! the idea of using diamonds from loved ones makes me teary eyed. the wedding is going to be just fabulous and i can't wait to see more about it. while planning my own daughters wedding 3 years ago, my florist suggested i keep my focus on the "big picture" because i was stressing over all the little details. it became very good advice for me.
    have a good weekend,

  3. Oh my gosh, so exciting! I love barns. I love this barn and can only imagine how wonderful the day will be! The ring is so beautiful, what a treasure.

  4. The round barn!! WOW!!! That's a gorgeous place to have a wedding :)

    And the ring looks fantastic!

    Exciting times for sure. Blessings always. ♥

  5. Oh what a wonderful barn!!! I love it! That is going to be spectacular!! And I love the table setting pic as well. Ooooo! That ring is yummy!!!

  6. This is just beautiful and what an outstanding idea for the engagement ring. That is something that could really catch on. My daughter was married two years ago and I am having fun reliving all of these fun moments through your story. Thanks for sharing.

  7. Best wishes and God's blessings on your lives together.

  8. This wedding is sure to be fabulously fun! Thanks so much for sharing all the pics and plans! Can hardly wait to see what's next. Also, what a wonderful idea for her ring. I love it, love it!

  9. I can't imagine a more romantic place to have a wedding. I'm sure it'll be magazine worthly when it's all decorated!
    Hey there's an idea!!!!!

  10. I LOVE that round barn! How totally cool!

    And wedding planning (to me) is fun. I took some wedding planning courses towards getting certified before I got pregnant.

  11. The round barn is so fab!!!
    I also think the engagement ring is a item to be honored, what a wonderful idea, love it!!
    Have fun with all the planning that is coming.
    thanks for sharing
    michele & minyele

  12. Hey sweetie!

    thanks for droppin' by the Yaya and your sweet email! LOVE the blog...and can't wait to see all the "special touches" you will give the wedding. xo...deb

  13. how are you?? I planned a few of those weddings.....and the ideas are endless! it all depends on what she wants.......if I can find that link i loved, I'll send it your way - just give me a bit to 'find it'......truly inspirational!

    love the round barn!!

  14. Hello Denise,

    How cool is that barn!! And beautiful too boot!! :0) This will be so amazing with the stylish manner of decorating that I can already imagine you coming up with.

    The ring is sooooo special..this is a first for me....this is just so special..did I say that? :0)Just lovely that each time she looks at it that all these women will come to mind.

    I'll look forward to the progress with the plans and to see ideas that you come up with...oh, and I love that table setting too.

    Changing the subject....

    I just had to come leave this link for you..since you are the Burlap Queen right now. :0) You'll like this I think..

    Have a great day....

    ♥ Love & Faerie Dust ♥


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