Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Dear Diary…….

(aka blog friends)……I was a very naughty girl today.


I have tried so hard over the last years to be a loving, non judgemental, patient, blah blah blah……better person.  Really.

But today.

I totally lost my cool.

I was NOT this sweet little girl.

girl rose

I told someone exactly what I thought of them.

And I have to say…….

that although it did not bring me any….


……I don’t regret a single word.

This person said something under the guise of being helpful that was actually very hateful and demeaning.  And this person knew it.  Of course when confronted they said “I don’t know what you mean, I was only trying to help.”

And it was directed towards…….

BABY CROWM_edited-1

MY baby.

Must we always defend our children, regardless of their age? 


Even years and years after they have flown the nest?


And are all grown up.

That mother hen instinct is just so engrained in us, don’t you think?

Besides, I have the feeling that this person enjoys doing this to other people and probably does it quite often.  Sometimes, maybe you just have to say “shame on you.”

If only that was all I had said.

I can see my Mother shaking her head and  saying “sometimes you act just like your father.”

Sorry Mom.

I’ll put on my dunce hat and go stand in the corner for the rest of the evening.



Ashamed of myself.



  1. Good for you...and we can't help our maternal extinct, no matter how young or how old our children are :)

    Somebody had to finally say something :)

  2. First off, I love the pictures you placed in your post. They are sweet and tell your Dear Diary story very well. As for being ashamed, if you feel justified in what you said, then don't feel bad. There are people who need to be put in their place. I tend to extract those individuals from my life completely. It's better for me. They certainly don't bring anyone joy. There are always naysayers, some folks who never can find a kind word. Better that they know. Healthier for you to be up front, get it out of your system. Hopefully they will learn a lesson. Have a blessed week. Tammy

  3. Hello Denise,

    In short, NO!..Mothers do not stop protecting their children no matter their age...totally does not matter..

    But.....some people are so full of anguish, regret, disappointment that they can't seem to do anything in a positive sense....so they spew forth on who they come in contact with. And so today you got spewed on and you let them have it back.

    No harm done there...just keep that person out of your life...they tend to pull all of your positive energy [that you need!!] to use for themselves...of course, you'll never witness it...hahaha

    I have a post from many months ago that you should read...it's so true and I think you will appreciate what is says.


    But....when it comes to children I'm afraid the nurturing instinct will overtake anyone or anything that gets in the way...and I must say that has to be a good thing. I would find it hard to watch as a child [no matter the age] be belittled or insulted while a mother just stood there quietly!

    You're a good mother...fret NOT. :0)

    ♥ Love & Faerie Dust ♥

  4. You did what you had to do as a mother. So no worries at all, Time will pass and you will feel beter. The photos are cute with the childeren. Have yourself a great week. Julian

  5. Come between a mother bear and her cub!! Look out! You must defend...it is required. And people who say "they are helping" are usually so full of themselves that they go around hurting others all the time. They need a smack in the head! So I applaud your taking a bite!!! Sounds like she needed it. I know you feel bad...but what's a mother to do?

  6. I love all the pictures you've posted here. It tells your Dear Diary story quite well. Sometimes a girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do. I know the kind of person you are talking about and it is better to speak your piece than to hold it in and dwell on it. Although we try to do our best to be positive, joyful and uplifting, there are always naysayers and folks who wanna drag you down. It is those types who should be banished from our lives. There's enough chaos and negativity in the world without someone being right there to dish it out. Hopefully they've learned a lesson. No reason to feel guilty! Many blessings, Tammy

  7. Never talk about someone's baby- when will people ever learn that? That is the one thing I just cannot tolerate, so I would have lost my cool, too! Sometimes you just have to let it out and say what you think. Love all the cute pictures in this post!

  8. Hi Denise...You go girl! I would have a fit if I overheard someone talking about my daughter. Good for you.,,julie

  9. i hate mean people. even though i know they are miserable people and that is what makes them that way, it is still no excuse and we shouldn't let them get away with ti.
    good for you mama bear!

  10. I love it when this type of person takes the "I don't know what you mean...." defense! Puhhlease! I agree, they knew exactly what they were doing! I say good for you for giving them the "old one, two" and putting them back in their place! You go girl!! Especially when they are picking on your baby!!! Let em have it!!! :)

  11. I am 4'11" and a physical weakling but if someone starts messin' with my babies (they are all grown) they better watch out! I think you did the right thing whatever it was. Haha! Quit feeling bad about it and move on. Maybe you taught someone a good lesson. AND I like the others enjoyed your artsy way of venting!

  12. I love your daughter!!! Just talked to her today. Very Very talented. You go girl!!!

  13. My guess is that it should be Shame on Her! People should know better than to say anything hurtful about anyone's child, ever! I can be a real mother bear too Denise, so I'm right there with you. I know several people like this and I pretty much steer clear, because I hate confrontation. You can come out of the corner my dear.

  14. GOOD for you! Don't apologize. Someone (a close friend) has said a few things to me over the past few years that really stung. She probably doesn't even remember, but I do. Wish I didn't, but that's the way it goes sometimes. Wish I had said something each of those times, I guess I was so stunned I couldn't talk. Glad you spoke up and wish I HAD!! :) I probably would be "over it" by now. Good for you.


  15. You go girl!! i admire you for standing up to this person and the way you wrote about it is fantastic! good mommies always defend their own!

  16. All of you girls are SO sweet! This was sper hard for me...I'm just "too nice" and didn't say anything to this person...so mom did!! I always try to see the good in everyone (which isn't ALWAYS bad) but sometimes in the end, find out how THEY really are! Thank you mom...for being my mommy! I love you!
    And Thank you Mary, you are VERY sweet...talk to you soon!



  17. Good for you! Apologize if it was over something petty. As far as I'm concerned if somebody goes after your baby...it's fair game. {I don't know what you said but it may not have even been enough. haha}

  18. My mom always told me don't let people walk over you! she would never have stood for someone mistreating me and you shouldn't with your daughter. You did the right thing!
    Good for you!

  19. I'm sure your daughter would do the same for you if someone was insulting you. Nothing gets me madder than a coward that says nasty things and acts like they're really kidding. My Irish grandmother always told me "Many a true word is said in jest." They say it like a joke so they can turn the table and say your the one with the problem. I guess you can tell this has happened to me before haha. Not with my children but about other things. Boy as we get older ya really see through the head games. You did GOOD!



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