Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Dressing The Bed

How do you dress YOUR bed?  I must say that I have been guilty of not dressing mine (or making it) at all.

I’ve always had two sets of pillow.  Pillows that we sleep on, and pretty pillows that graced the bed on the rare occasion that I actually MADE the bed.


So this is what the bed looked like.  Two king size shams, two standard size shams,  a euro sham, another standard sham and a decorative pillow.  Plus the quilt that was inside of the duvet weighed a ton.  So I hated making the bed.

It was a no win situation any way that I went because there were always always pillows to deal with.  We also sleep with quite a few pillows.

So finally, I’ve wised up!  Maybe it’s wiser or maybe I’m just tired.  Either way, the whole situation had to change.

I found a light weight khaki quilt at my Mother’s.  Problem one solved.

Then, I went to T.J. Maxx and bought all white sheets and pillow cases.


I made the burlap pillow and borrowed another neutral pillow from somewhere else in the house. 


Problem solved!  One set of pillows and a nice light weight quilt.  There’s only one problem.  I actually (and yes I’m crazy) starched and pressed the pillow cases two nights ago before I put them back on.  They’re as wrinkled as can be.  Not exactly a magazine perfect picture.  Then again, how could it be with that HIDEOUS brass bed.  I mentioned to hubby just last night that we really really need to get a new bed.  Hint hint!  He said “but brass is a timeless elegant look” at which point I told him that he was full of poo!  And I’m keepin’ it clean for blogging sake!

Other changes.

009 (5)


Is now……



More neutrals and gold.  One of my next projects is to paint the chest a neutral color.  Probably cream with tone on tone accents.  Per Miss Heather’s suggestion.  What do you think about the shelf Heather?  Should I paint it too?

019 (3)

These lamps, which were on either side of the bed, are going to the Rink to be sold.  I really loved them, but they are big and were always in the way.

I’ve replaced them with these.


We actually already had these swing arm lamps.  I need to spray paint them black.  The shades look pretty stark white in this pic. but actually look great with the white sheets.  I may try my hand at making some slips for them though, just to tone them down a little. 

And this……


Now looks like this…….


I love my resin antlers.  I’m just not sure about all the junk that I have hanging on them.  Gotta live with it for a few days and then decide.


And this picture above my bed.  Which is huge, I replaced with this……


She looks like concrete, but she is actually fiberglass and relatively light weight.


I rearranged some vintage pictures.


Threw in my little touches of whimsy.


Made a temporary cover for my foot stool/coffee table.

And I’m well on my way to a more serene bedroom.

Things still to do…..

  1. Find a white bed skirt
  2. Paint two pieces of furniture
  3. Threaten Hubby with bodily harm so that he finishes my bathroom.  Uurrrhhhh!
  4. Actually complete the slipcover for the ottoman.
  5. Replace a couple of patterned drapery panels.
  6. Make one more neutral pillow for my sofa.
  7. Drag the brass bed out into the back yard when Hubby isn’t looking and blow it to smithereens.
  8. Buy a new bed that I absolutely love.  Maybe this should be number seven.

And that should complete this project!  Neutrals here I come!

And while I’m planning and working…….


Molly is making sure that I have something to keep me busy later.  I swear, we can not give that dog any stuffed toys.  She rips them open in nothing flat and then tears out all of the stuffing!  Naughty dog!



  1. Hi Denise,
    I really enjoyed reading your post. And somehow I think that brass bed's days are numbered!

    I love all the changes that you have made. I am all for redoing and making things look freshened up and different.

    Love it all.


  2. Wonderful! It is so much fun rearranging and improving on what we already have. You are well on your way to a beautiful neutral shabby relaxing bedroom. All the changes are lovely. I have many pieces that need to be painted and improved on. Gotta work with what I've got and get the inspiration and motivation to actually do something. Your sweet dog looks like he is having lots of fun. Enjoy your day! Blessings, Tammy

  3. Your new bed looks fabulous! What a change. It was elegant before but now it's very fresh and looks like a magazine layout.

  4. I do basically the same thing with my bed. The only thing I do different - I put two pillows with shams in front of the bed pillows, so I don't have to see the wrinkles. Then I put a throw pillow in front of the shams.


  5. Hello Denise,

    I love what you did to your bed...You should paint that brass bed. You could paint it with two coats, each a different neutral then distress it to reveal a chippy paint look.

    Keep up the great work...I need your energy!


  6. I am definitely with you on number 7 and 8!! I love what you are doing in your bedroom. I too am not sure about all the "stuff" on the antlers. Maybe less? Just a thought!

  7. This is the good blog with good images and good details. Please keep on posting the more stuff. I will like to hear more from you.

  8. denise...several comments...first, I agree with a previous post...I have painted brass with great success...I have a "rusty" chandelier that is paint over brass,for instance. secondly...i love making an "open" bed...meaning partially turned back so you can see all the pretty sheets, etc....I still like lots of layering although I am with you that I use mostly neutuals. When I'm having guests I always "open" the bed...it looks sowelcoming after their long drive. Lastly, I use lots naturtal elements like antlers in my home and one of my favorites is a grouping of three anelope antlers with my necklaces draped on them...so handy and I love the way it looks.

  9. You have some really great looking antiques there. And my dog does the exact same thing with all his toys!! Atleast it's just dog toys now though and not a Blackberry like when he was a puppy.

  10. I think someone started a bedroom makeover epidemic!!!!I always love whatever you and this is no exception. Looking forward to seeing the whole room!!!!

    My Desert Cottage

  11. I love that brass bed and if you want to find it a new home, I can oblige you. -smile-
    I'm all for using simple to make a bed...I like comforters, pillow shams and then smaller pillows I've picked up on my travels.
    Now, if it would stop snowing long enough for us to pick up our chest from the auctioneers.

  12. I love your new bedroom changes, Denise. Your DH sounds like mine when it comes to finishing projects. I too, have an unfinished bathroom, and laundry room, and....
    I bought a new bedroom suite a couple of years ago. I love the style but the wood stain is "orangy". I would love to paint the whole set cream and then stain it and distress. Isn't that crazy? We females are crazy creatures.

  13. I love your bed linens and the pillows! Looks very serene. Those lamps you're selling would look good here with me. ;-) No, I really don't need more lamps ~

    You're welcome to come and do my bedroom now. I have been contemplating what to do and still looking for ideas. Thanks for sharing!


  14. Denise thank you so much for the sweet condolences you left on my blog- so kind of you.
    I love your new bedding- just a note, I got rid of my brass bed and regret it- have you thought about painting it? Would be a pain in the booty but I can tell you it would be worth the trouble.

  15. I am loving your changes! I think the antlers would look better bare. I have that same picture of the girl in my bedroom, I have been thinking of getting rid of her too... I think I will go with a large mirror instead. It was so good to hear from you! I missed you much...smiles.

  16. I love all of your transformations. Your bed looks so pretty! And the frame it great too. My dog does the same thing, but only with toys that have squeekers in them:) They are same if they are quiet.
    Blog: Capers of the vintage vixens

  17. I'm in the same state of affairs in my bedroom. Tired of all of the big pillows and the "matchy matchy" of the linens. I'm looking to go lighter and to mix and match too. I'm with ya, sister! Oh, and I have swing armed lamps above our bed too! Maybe you could paint your brass bed? I'd like to paint our iron one, but that brings up protests from Hubby.



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