Monday, March 22, 2010

Keep Your Napkin In Your Lap!

I remember those words from my mother when I was a child.  “Your napkin goes in your lap, not on the table.”

Well…..I’m assembling 150 napkins for the wedding.  I HOPE that they will be “table view”worthy when I’m through with them and not need to be hidden in anyone’s lap.

So what are the criteria when you are making that many of anything?

  1. Must be affordable
  2. Must be easy and fast to assemble
  3. Must look FABULOUS
  4. Must reflect our rustic theme
  5. Fabrics must be easy to work with

I started with one of my favorites.  The good old flour sack kitchen towels from WalMart.  You get five towels in a pack for $5.50.  You will get four napkins out of each towel.  CHEAP!

I prewashed all of my towels and then pressed them smooth.  Folding in half and then half again as I went.

wedding 009

After they are cut (or torn) into four pieces, each piece will look like this.  This will leave you two raw edges.  The one directly opposite  the selvage edge I turned under and hemmed.  The other raw edge is where I will attach my ruffle.

For ruffles…….cut a piece the entire width (45”) of your cotton fabric, and 4” long.  Here again, I tore all of my pieces, it does stretch your fabric a little, but……150 napkins!!

wedding 010

Here are your two pieces of fabric.

At this point, fold your ruffle fabric in half and take it to the sewing machine, stitching shut at the raw edge.

wedding 011

Piece shown is folded but not sewn. 

Then…..I sew the ruffle to the napkin.  No pinning, no measuring, I just take it to the machine and ruffle as I go.  The first couple weren’t too perfect, but I am getting better as I go.  Double top stitch each napkin.  It makes the ruffle lay nice and flat.

wedding 007 

And here are your finished products.

wedding 003

Aren’t they pretty!  The total cost per napkin…….95 cents each!!  Cheap Cheap!!

You could afford to make a set of these for every occasion!  If I were making them for myself, I might add rick rack or other trim.  More is better?

I started out leaving a raw edge on the back, where I sewed the ruffle on.  THEN….I thought hummmmmm   French Seams!

French seams…..some how I missed those along the way. 

Until I read this great tutorial  HERE!

Thank you Georgia Peachez!

wedding 008

And isn’t that so much prettier than those raw edges.  Am I going to go back and redo the others? NO!!

If all you’re doing is sewing up 150 napkins, you may just go nuts!  At least that’s my excuse for throwing in little extra projects along the way.

I had this project in my head for awhile.  I purchased some vintage pillow cases at a reasonable price, but the cases had little holes in them.  Enter this project…….

wedding 001

When I saw that cute paisley/floral fabric at Hobby Lobby, on sale no less, that pretty well did it for me!  I LOVE LOVE these pillow cases!

wedding 002

Is there anyone who DOESN’T love rickrack?  I think it’s just one of the cutest all-time, long-time trims!

wedding 004

wedding 006

I used the French Seams on these also.  No raw edges here!  So much prettier.  Now I don’t even want to spend the money on a serger!

These cases will be going to the Rink to be sold.  Along with a coordinating throw pillow which I have yet to start.

wedding 013 

I also finished up my little arm lamp slipcover with a white trim.  So much cuter.  It was just the perfect touch!

AND……here’s a biggie for me!  I have been looking for one of these for YEARS!

wedding 012

The little over the headboard lamps.  They are SO hard to find.  I wanted one to hang on my tree bed.  And there it was… Tuesday Morning, after years and years of searching!  For $14.99!  They could probably hear me squeal with delight all over the store!

So….it seems that the words “pretty” and “cute” are the theme around my house right now!

Have a wonderful week!



  1. Such loveliness! Adorable napkins that I hope can be laid out on the table and enjoyed!

    Have a happy day!

    Vintiquities Workshop

  2. i love everything , what cute idea for a wedding.. love the pillow cases too..

  3. Your napkins are gorgeous!!! Love them all.


  4. Oh I just love the napkins, how clever you are. everyone is going to be thrilled... I can't wait to see what else you dream up!!!
    Margaret B

  5. Oh my goodness, how utterly adorable. What lucky guests.

  6. Beautiful blog and I love the napkins and lamp shade :)

  7. Oh Denise I love the napkins. You make me the midst of all this you are still taking time out for more projects! You are so goood!

  8. Everything looks fabulous! Love the napkins!!

  9. I am loving the ruffles on the napkins and the pillows!! How do you do it all?? Happy Spring!

    Sandy xox

  10. Wow, you were busy! I love the colors and the styles you came up with. Thank you for sharing your inspiring creativity!
    (Blinkles Boulevard)

  11. Hi Denise, this is Kelly from KatydidsKountryLife. I thought you might be able to get to my other blog easier this way. I love the napkins!! So cute. That is a lot of work but I know it's worth it for your daughter.
    Come by LilShabbyChicsBoutique!

  12. Wow! You've been a busy little bee sewing up so many beautiful things. I love the napkins. So very pretty! And the fabric for the pillowcase is just gorgeous. Love the rickrack too. Glad to hear you are moving right along with plans and projects. Happy Hump Day! :)Tammy

  13. The lamp shade is verry nice and the napkins also. Thank's for the info for the flowers. Have your self a good week. Julian

  14. Ya know, I just can't visualize the how in it. I mean, I've done french seems in tote bags, I'm having a mental block! I'm just going to have to break out some fabric and do it, eh? I love that for finishing the edges of your gorgeous napkins!!!

  15. LOVE the napkins!!!!!!!!!!! 150 YIKES!!! That could make a good girl say bad words. And what pray tell will you do with 150 napkins when the party is over? LOVELY! Oh by the way, I added you to my side bar so I could keep up with you easier & also others might find you there. HUGS! Charlene

  16. Love that french seam. I remember my Mother who was french being shocked that clothing from the US never had those seams in them. That was back when we actually made clothing in this country...she's be horrified now that they all come from overseas.
    I think I might have a go at those napkins...maybe in the Fall


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