Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Buzzzz Buzzzz….

Busy as bees here.  Lots of wedding invitation and wedding dress plans going on. 
I thought Miss Heather had made up her mind about the dress thing.  What was I thinkin’?  All of that anesthesia must have twisted her brain just a little. :) 
Now she’s decided that the second pattern is too INFORMAL and she was afraid that it would end up looking like a prom dress.  Sigh…..
So in the end, we were both confused.  Off we went to look at dresses.
For some odd reason, wedding salons seem to be less than thrilled when you show up 6 weeks before the wedding and without an appointment…….
We looked at dresses like these…….
P_7225_1_164934 bridal-gowns-9int1061-186234
Simple lines.  Not too much frill.  None of them were what she wanted.  Sigh…..again…..
In the end……we ended up going back to the ORIGINAL pattern.
Went to a local fabric shop here that specializes in bridal and formal fabrics.  And found the PERFECT pale pink fabric.  Choose a lace overlay with tiny pearls and sequins.  They only had 2 yards!  Now we’re waiting to see if they can order more.  Jez…….
I swear, this is how we always work.  There seems to be something about that last minute rush that inspires us to be creative.  Unfortunately, it also inspires me to need a great big bottle of Pepcid!
I designed the invitations today.  My first draft was a complete success.   Heather loved them.   
We’re using this photo……..
Our theme is “Country Boy/City Diva” 
I’ll post a copy of the entire invitation maybe next week.
I’ll have photos of some of the table decorations after Friday evening.  We’re going to work on our table decor and get everything finalized.
Heather is healing very very well!  She had her first post-op visit yesterday and things are looking GREAT!  Thank you God! 
And thank all of you for your prayers and well wishes.  It’s nothing but fun fun fun from here on out here! 
I’m starting a new blog where I will be posting all of the wedding details.  More on that later also!
Have a wonderful day!


  1. Hi Denise, I am glad that Heather is felling better now. I like the pic of the invatation. I also like Miss. Heather's pumps. They are wild! Hope the two of you have a great day...Julian

  2. I love the invitation...that is very cool!! And I too am glad that Heather is feeling better.
    Love the is going to be awesome!

  3. Hi Sweet Denise!

    I am glad to hear Heather is feeling better!
    Her dress is going to be amazing. I can't wait to see it!

    LOVE LOVE LOVE the invitation!


  4. Denise I love, love, love that picture for the invitations. It is darling. I can't wait for the big event.

  5. Love the photo for the invitations!!! What a great idea. Good luck in the coming weeks. It'll be fun to see what you guys cook up for the festive occasion.


  6. LOVE the picture for the invitation! It is just the best ~ the boots and diva shoes are tops. So glad Heather is feeling better and that you're both making decisions about her dress. Sounds gorgeous! Thanks so much for sharing in all your fun ~

    Brightest blessings,

  7. Denise, those invitations are going to be fabulous!! I hope you get the fabric you want, it sounds gorgeous!!! Wow, you guys are doing so much so fast, a whirlwind!!!
    Margaret B

  8. LOVE the invitations. Love when someone thinks OUT OF THE BOX.. I bet the whole wedding will be like that. Cool.
    Love Claudie
    P.S. Glad Heather is back in the swing of things.

  9. Glad Heather is on the mend! Did I miss something? Is Heather getting married?!?! LOVE the invites!

  10. Glad to hear the bride-to-be is getting better! Looking forward to the wedding blog too! Also, love, love the wedding invitation pic. So cute!

  11. It has been so fun following the details of this wedding. I was sad to hear you were leaving the simple dress behind. I like a dress that makes the bride shine not the other way around. I used to work in bridal and it is true, they can't get a dress in during that short period of time but we also sold off the rack if we had your size. In the end it sounds like you have made such a unique, memorable and beautiful choice. As for the invites that theme is just so darn fun. Work it. Own it.

  12. I thought the original pattern was the best anyway. Nevermind that it's low cut and she'll look like a floozy...isn't that what the new inlaw thought?

    I think its going to be beautiful.

  13. Hi Denise,

    Dropping by to say hello and I see you are just making trouble at the Bridal Shoppes..hehe :0) Not everyone can plan these things a year in advance, right!?

    Oh...a pink dress! And I love, love the photo you are using for the invitation.

    I'm glad Heather is healing well..My Thomas had hernia surgery this past Friday..he's very sore but all went well.

    Have a wonderful day...
    Stephanie ♥


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