Sunday, April 18, 2010

April Showers……..

…….bring May flowers.  It has been raining here all weekend.  A nice, steady, soaking Spring rain.  You can almost see the earth coming to life.  The tulips are almost spent and it’s time for the early Summer perennials to emerge. 

Before the rain, I stopped by my Mother’s house (yes, we’re still trying to work our way through that mess) and wandered around her backyard.  She used to have such a wonderful garden.  And I thought that whom ever buys that house will have such a great start to a garden.  Even though it is so over grown now, you can see the “good bones” peeking through the vegetation.  I walked around to the side of the house and saw them……they took my breath away……big FAT peonies, in full full bloom!  Two gorgeous shrubs packed with blooms. 

I never realized that she had peony bushes.  I wondered why she never cut any and brought them in the house? 

I thought that a pretty bouquet would be perfect to take to Heather, since she can’t get out much right now.  I found the only thing that I could to put them in.  A turquoise plastic drinking pitcher.  And cut a pretty bouquet.  I was so proud of my silly self.  I took them in the house……so THAT’S why she never brought them in!


Yuk!  They smelled as bad as they were pretty!

So……out came the camera.   These photos are for YOU Heather. 

And for ALL of YOU in blogland. 
Pretty Spring Peonies!





Who knew that cheesy turquoise plastic would turn out to be the perfect container to photograph!  NOT ME!

Enjoy your week everyone!



  1. Hi Denise, I'm so glad to hear from you! I just adore the peonies, they are my very favorite flower. We had huge baskets full at my older daughter's wedding, I guess I didn't remember them smelling so bad, oh well, they make up for it in beauty!
    Glad Heather is on the mend I've had two hernia surgeries myself. Makes me wonder why some of us have to deal with this. She's in my prayers, I know she needs to be in gear for the wedding. Wish we have had the rain, it's missed us both chances and we are DRY!!
    OK, had to write a book to catch up.
    hugs and love,

  2. oh, what gorgeous pictures...I didn't know they stunk...but sure are pretty!

  3. Denise amor, beautiful peonies! Maybe it is the type? The ones that I got here smelled soo good, the whole room smelled with just 2 flowers, cut they didn't last but a couple days but my house smelled lovely :) Hope Heathet is feeling much better! We are awaiting rain towards the middle of the week :( I want rain :( oh well lol Have beautiful week :) Besos, Rose

  4. Oh.. they are beautiful and especially so in the turquoise pitcher. I love the photos of them. I have light pink ones in my yard...but they aren't anywhere near ready to bloom. And I've never noticed them smelling bad...though I've never cut and brought in. I have too few to cut to bring in. I don't think they get enough light to bloom like they should.

  5. I adore Peonies!! just gorgeous!!

    Sandra Darling xoxo

  6. Oh my Gosh!!! They are stunning! And the color...oh my!! Another thing about peony's is that the ants love them...and are usually all over them!!!!
    And your photos of them are fabulous!! Sigh!! Makes me swoon!

  7. Oh my....these are beautiful! I did not know that peonies were stinky!


  8. I love peonies. My Grandmom used to call them Pineys! LOL!
    I had two large bushes when we lived in WV but they won't grow here in the coastal south.

    I don't remember them smelling bad though.


  9. Beautiful!!!!! But, the stink, stank, stunk made me ROAR with laughter. Love what you did with the photoshop program & those blooms. HUGS! Charlene

  10. Absolutely gorgeous! I am waiting patiently for a bloom on mine. It will be the first peony bloom for me. Have you thought of transplanting those bushes to your place? They are so very lovely.


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