Thursday, April 1, 2010

Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday yesterday to my “baby!”

Heather was thir….thir…..thirty……..something years old yesterday.  She’s not in denial.  I am!  I can’t possibly have a kiddo that OLD!   It seems like just yesterday…….blahblahblah……..

You know how it is!

Anywho, we had a wonderful day yesterday running around and shopping.




We went to one of our favorite little restaurants, shared a tuna melt, and then TOTALLY indulged in a delicious dessert. 


Oh yummy heavenly!  Ribbon cake.  With that yummy creamy filling in the center.  And NO, we did not share.  We each had a piece.  WICKED!


At home, I just can’t stop sewing!  Which is great, unless your house is needing to be cleaned.  I have to STOP!


I took my old kitchen window curtain apart and added a new linen ruffle.


Found this perfectly rusted chippy old lunch box, in my garage no less, and used it in the window.


I also made a new valance out of old pillow cases and a runner that I cut in half. 


I love it!  Well worth cutting up a couple of my vintage linens.


I love these silk pansies in the milk glass.  I think something simple like these would be perfect for part of our wedding table decorations.   With real flowers of course.  The great thing is, we could take them and plant them in our yard afterwards.  Reuse Recycle!!

This wasn’t the post that I had intended.  But I just had to wish Heather a happy birthday!!

Have a wonderful day!



  1. Happy Birthday to your baby!!! There is a very strange phenomenon that starts happening as our kids get older. It's the strangest thing... Eventually we get to the point where we are the same age!!!! I can't explain it... but I know it to be true!

    My Desert Cottage
    Valentine Design

  2. Happy Birthday Heather!!
    Love the drapes!! And that lunch box rocks!!

  3. I have a 30-something baby, too. She is in more denial about that than I am.
    I love how you used the pillow case and runner...I have so many of these and some are damaged and this would be a lovely way to have them out where they can be seen instead of hidden in a box...with all the others!

  4. Denise,

    Happy Birthday to your Heather. ♥♥
    That dessert looks divine!

    I love valance..I've got a huge stash of the old embroidered many possibilities.

    Well...I'm in the Spring cleaning mode...*shock* because I normally hate to I'm rolling with it since my mind WILL change it's mind. LOL

    Stephanie ♥

  5. I wish I had a piece of that cake RIGHT NOW! The kitchen curtain is adorable. I wish you would come & sew for me. I am trying to put 26 Swap gifts together (sewn pin cushions) HUGS! Charlene

  6. Denise,

    I'm beginning to believe that I am the "Project Delivery Muse" when it concerns burlap. :0) LOL

    These are the cutest burlap topiaries.. Y'all are still making stuff for the Rink, right?

    here's the link:

    Stephanie ♥

  7. Oh I love that curtain Denise. i see your muse is still with you. I love the old lunchbox all filled up with goodies. I hope Heather had a wonderful day.

  8. Denise,
    Haha. You old? No way. I lie now and say Liz is my husband's by his first marriage. Funny thing is we have been married 32 years and she is 26. :)

  9. I wish you a happy and blessed Easter! xx Gypsy Purple

  10. happy birthday heather....:o))))

    kisses from nath

  11. Denise, you are so creative! The window treatment is adorable and you can come here and sew anytime. :-) Glad you and Heather had a fun day! That dessert is to die for. Wishing her a belated Happy Birthday and many more to follow.

    Hope you have a very blessed and Happy Easter!

    Brightest blessings,

  12. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the new window treatment in your kitchen! I'm not sure which is my favorite part...the ruffle OR the incorporation of vintage linens!


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