Monday, April 5, 2010

2 Posies Find A Home!

Remember the little posies that I made?  I’ve found a home for two of them.


The little scrim cutie found its new home on a lamp shade slipcover along with some other vintage elements.  I gathered some cute lace trim behind it to give my posy a little more “personality!”

These shades are so so easy to make!  You gotta try it.  Again, I used flower sack kitchen towels, sewed on all of my trim, and added tulle on the back to tie the entire slip.


The second little posy, also made out of scrim, found its new home on a pretty colorful pillow.


This was before it was stuffed.  You can find this cutie at the Rink if you are interested.  I added a yummy sheer fabric behind this one.


Now……back to lamp shades.  Have you ever  stumbled on something that just turned out toooo cute?  Totally by accident.

I was in T.J. Maxx last week and spied something so cute in another ladies basket.  I asked her where she found it and the pointed me to the opposite side of the store.  The children's department to be exact. 

So I race across the store and grab one.   Then I see another, equally as cute, and throw it in my basket also.  What?  Just the cutest little girls skirts you have ever ever seen!   At this point, I know that I have completely lost my mind.  There’s not a single little girl in the family that these will fit. 

I bring them home, still questioning my sanity, and then…….BINGO!


A lamp shade slipcover is born!


Is that not just the cutest fabric ever!?

To cover the waist band, I used my new favorite fabric again…..scrim.  Then I dug out a few little beaded cuties to cover my knot.


I love the scrim tie.  I looks just shabby enough that it bring the shade from overly frou frou to perfectly shabby!

This skirt was $12.99!  A bargain for a gorgeous updated shade!

So the OTHER little skirt is just “hanging around.”  I just couldn’t help myself for $10.00!


At the very least, I need to search for a cute little hanger to display it on.  is that not just the PERFECT pink!?  I sure wish I had one to wear.  I wouldn’t look silly or anything……would I?

Been busy busy here!  Lots to show you this week.  Have a wonderful evening.



  1. So cute! I guess lampshades will have to do if you don't have a granddaughter or little niece, etc. ha ha
    I bet you could figure out a way to frou frou up that hanger with some of that scrim fabric, too! I can hardly wait to see what else you've been up to.

  2. Denise amor...I am seriously crushing on those skirts lol now...did they come with those adorable flowers on both of them????? My stars...I do have lil ones in my family that they would fit...but I think I could make better use of them like you did...besides, my lil cousin and niece are lil tomboys and would probably rip them up and get them covered in mud :) I am also loving that lampshade you made...beautiful :) your lil pillow...ahhh I want your sewing skills :) Hope you had an lovely Easter! Besos, Rose

  3. I love love how you turned that little skirt into a lampshade. What a brilliant idea. I might have to hit the Maxx immediately.

  4. Lovely little goodies!! I love the lampshades.


  5. I don't think I could resist either. Many times my husband wonders why I bring home little girls clothes while out shopping since we have three boys and no girls. Its nice to know that I am not the only one. :)

  6. What a great idea. I would never, ever think of buying a little girls skirt to use as a lampshade. Fabulous! Love all those posies and their new homes. Have a great week! :) Tammy

  7. Hi Denise, I luv the lampshade it is cool. And the base itself is also nice. Have a great day...Julian

  8. What a terrific idea!! First off, I love your posies....the lampshade and the pillow are wonderful. But those skirts.........ahhhhhhhhhhhh!!! I love them! And as lampshades...wowzers!!

  9. your lamp shade is WAY cuter than mine I just posted.......sooo cute!

  10. How beautiful! You are so creative ~ and yes, I continue to say that 'cause you are. :-)


  11. You are going to have the best dressed lamps on this side of the mountain! You have a great eye! I miss you when you stay away too long. I understand, it seems all I ever get done is visiting those who visit me and posting. I need more blogging time for my good friends like U.

  12. That is the most beautiful lamp shade I have ever seen. You are so clever. I need to so look to see if I can find anymore of those skirts. Thank you for sharing. Blessings, Martha

  13. I LOVE both of those lamp shades. I can't believe your luck at finding that perfect skirt for the second shade. I need to look at my TJMax.

    Can you post a tutorial on how you made that first shade?


  14. and I have both been out-of-the-loop a few days...first...I hope Heather is now on the mend for good! Secondly, your lampshade ideas are so OUTSTANDING! they really should be shared in ROMANTIC HOMES MAGAZINE! How is it they have not called!!!


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