Tuesday, May 25, 2010

The Countdown!

The big day is Saturday and we are indeed on the countdown!

The house is torn to pieces as I pull things for our table vignettes.

YIKES!  Do you think you may have too much “stuff” if you can decorate an entire wedding around it?   Well….I admit that I do have tons and……tons!  But I just can’t seem to live without it.  And let’s face it…..it really is coming in handy this weekend.

We finished MOST of our DIY projects.

The boutonnieres.  Again, inspired by lala laurie.

Heather will also have a junior brides maid. Her matron of honor has two girls.  Piper (don’t you just love that name) is the same age as T-Man so it was perfect for her to be part of the wedding party. 

Here’s her bouquet.

Perfect for a twelve year-old girl!  All of the flowers are paper.  Accented with tulle.

Two corsages.

Mine is the one on the left.  I think I’ll wear it in my hair?  Probably, maybe……..

So you wonder if there will be real flowers?  Absolutely!

We have green hydrangeas, pink peonies, & pink gerber daisies ordered.  We are also shopping for garden flowers that we can plant at home afterwards.  So……yep!  Plenty of pretty (real) flowers!

Back to work…..!

See all of you AFTER the wedding!  Thank ALL of you so so much for your support and sweet comments.  They mean so much to both Heather and I. 

I hope to catch up on all of my blogging after the wedding.  I have so many wonderful blogs that I have only had time to visit and no time to leave comments. 

Thanks and hugs to you all!

Denise and Heather


  1. best wishes to the bride and groom! and families! just remember to have FUN! ENJOY the special day........ :0)
    can't wait to see more pictures from the wedding!

  2. Oh how fun! The flowers are gorgeous! Congrats to the bride and groom!!
    Have fun now!!!

  3. Denise, Heather, everything looks so beautiful.
    Just know that I've been with you both every step of the way.
    Break a leg Heather. You girls ROCK BIG TIME.
    Most of all HAVE FUN!!
    Love Claudie

  4. Congratulations and joy! You've made so many beautiful things - have fun!

  5. I have so much enjoyed every post about the wedding! Thanks for sharing all of it with us bloggers! I can hardly wait to see the wedding pictures! Best wishes to Heather and Country Boy! May they live happily ever after together! God bless!

  6. I can't wait to see the wedding pictures, we have only seen bits and pieces, can't wait to see it all together!


  7. The paper flower are all so beautiful and fun! Such a charming touch to a wedding!

  8. I haven't been online much in the past few weeks so I'm just catching up on my reading. I loved all the wonderful photos of everything you've prepared for the wedding. I'm sure it will be beautiful. Have a wonderful day, and best wishes to your dear daughter and her husband to be!

  9. Everything is beautiful! It will be a gorgeous wedding. Congratulations! You're doing an amazing job!

    Warm Hugs,

  10. The wedding is going to be so beautiful and so much more special since ya'll planned it from top to bottom. Fantastic. Everything is coming together so nicely! Love the paper and material flowers and all the bouquets. And your sweet little gift to Heather is just lovely. I was looking at coffee can lids the other day and an idea came to me for using them in crafting -- just haven't gotten around to anything yet, so I am glad to see that you put one to good use. :) Wishing you all the best as you reach the final countdown. Many blessings, Tammy

  11. Hi Denise, You had made so many great things. And they all look great. Have a good day...Julian

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  13. Can't wait to see pictures of the big day!!!
    Oklahoma girl here,

  14. Can't wait to see how everything turns out! Best Wishes to ALL!!

  15. There is SO much fabulousness going on over here! xo, suzy


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