Sunday, August 1, 2010


I dooo like me some Bakelite.  I wish I had some of the yummy vintage jewelry.


Cute stuff, huh? 

Maybe a vintage purse.


Now wouldn’t these make for a cute collection?

What I DO have, as pathetic as it may be, are a few kitchen utensils.  Most of them inherited from my grandmother and  mother.

I just pulled all of it out of my kitchen drawers and mixed it with some of my other utensils. 

Love the red handles on these two spoons.

Know what this is?  No…’s not a hair pick for that fancy 70’s hairdo that you thought you would love forever!:)     It’s a cake breaker.

I picked up these forks and knives in Colorado while we were on vacation.  I could have cleaned up in this antique booth.  She had more Bakelite kitchenware than I had ever seen.  If only hubby hadn’t been with me….sigh.  He just doesn’t get it…….  He couldn’t understand why I would want “that old stuff” and then INSISTED that it all had to “match”…….jez!

Love the way it looks with my milk glass.  Can’t WAIT to do a Christmas display! 

Mix in some old rolling pins……

An old candy thermometer with cute graphics on the original box……..

And a couple of vintage cook books.  And you have yourself a pretty cute vintage display!

For more info. on bakelite and how to identify that it is indeed the real thing…..check THIS website.

Have a happy happy week!



  1. What a sweet vignette Denise. I have an old rolling pin just like the one with the green handle, and plenty of vintage cookbooks. I love the graphics on that candy thermometer box too. You have some very nice vintage items.

  2. Love your display! And that red bakelite is fabulous!!
    Ha! I had to laugh that hubby wanted them all to match!!
    Love that purse...if only I had started collecting them years ago. Sigh!!

  3. Oh, I love the way you displayed all the kitchen stuff! There you go again inspiring me. But first I have to clean my kitchen!
    I also hate it when I see something I "want" and my husband says "What do you want that for"? Like those old doors I had him remove from an old house and bring them home. They are now propped up here and there out by the barn. I NEEDED those doors! Sheesh!

  4. Hi have a great bakelite collection even if its kitchen utensils. I always see those vintage utensils but never know if it's plastic or bakelite??? I guess I will pay close attention next time.

    Have a great day,


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