Monday, August 9, 2010

Fashion Trends!

Okay….I admit it.  I’m about as fashion forward as a Wal-Mart ad.  Or maybe I should be nice to myself and AT LEAST say a Target ad.  They do have cuter stuff, after all.  Anywho, it’s just not my thing.  But this year, yes this year, there’s a new trend that I can really get into.

SOCKS!!  Over the knee socks, knee socks, ankle socks.  Socks with everything.  I mean EVERYTHING.  And I don’t know about you, but I love wearing socks in the winter.  No cold tootsies, and, most importantly, no blisters!  So I’m all for this fashion trend.  It’s inexpensive AND as an added benefit, Heather absolutely HATES the way they look.  So I get to torment her along the way.  HAHAHA (insert evil laugh)

Now….if I could just find my “signature look.”

How about this one……


Yep, she’s all ready for an evening out!  Then I noticed she’s holding on to the door handle, probably so she doesn’t fall and break her neck.


Okay… this is a great one when you’re having a bad hair day.


Two words……..hunting season!  “Hey George, over here, I just bagged me a big plump one!”  Not good.

Hummmmm too “young”  sigh…..


I don’t have a twin sister…..


I’m not a spy…….


Getting closer…….


Marc Jacobs.  He always has it goin’ on.



Cute!  Sorry Heather, I love those last three images. 

All images above from


From Lucky magazine….


Awesome if you’re her age…..and size.

Sigh…..oh well, there’s always jeans and socks and shoes.  Yep, that’s probably the way I’ll go……

Still workin’ on it………



  1. oh goody! i love socks too and did not know about this trend! remember when we all wore socks and white Keds? i liked that...

  2. What? Your going to pass up wearing the antler head dress outfit? :) I like the last 3 too but can be pretty sure that in my little town most people would wonder when the 49 year old mom started on her midlife crises! Thanks for the update though, Theresa

  3. Love it! Yes, the last ones with a vintage feel, we can pull those off at our age! I remember wearing lacy ankle socks with my pumps and mini skirts in high school (early 80's) and now I'm wondering how my parents let me out of the house back then!

  4. Love this post - too funny! The last pic is my fave...

  5. The models and the young girls can pull this look off for sure.
    I love wearing socks too and they are so cute now days.


  6. It all circles back around, what is old is new! I heard if you have done a fad your to old to do it again...HUMM!!


  7. LOL! The gal holding the door knob! Too funny! I hope you find the perfect socks for you. Love this post!

  8. Wow, look at where the door knob is in the first pic - the model must be 7' tall!

    Love the look, but I'd get some strange stares if I tried it. But maybe I can have a little fun with the socks I wear under my jeans. :)

  9. LOL...LOVED this post gawd I could so relate!!!

  10. The model in the first picture is lucky she doesn't have a nose bleed.

    Did socks ever go out?! :)

    Does this mean now when I am running out of the house in a hurry, still in the white socks I wore to the gym, and I slip on my black clogs with them I will be in style?

    p.s. Love your "posies" in your previous post! The colors, prints, laces...everything, is great!

  11. I'm a socks nut too, I have tons of them, oh yea and tights; nubby, textured, so warm and cozy! Great post!


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