Monday, October 25, 2010

Bella Sews!

There’s been a whole lotta sew in’ goin’ on at Bella Manor!

I’ll be stocking the booth at the Rink from now until after Christmas with lots of goodies.

I took three new girly girl pillows earlier last week but forgot to take pics.  Oops!

Here are some that I completed today.


Cute paisley with flanged/ruffled border.  A great mix of fabrics for your home.  Envelope back with a down insert. 16” without ruffles.


LOVE this pillow.  Wonderful colors. The reds really blend with so many colors.  I could have easily kept this one for myself.  Down insert/18” without ruffles.

This pillow is made with a vintage flour sack that I found this Spring.  I’ve just been waiting for the right inspiration to complete it.  That inspiration come in the form of the vintage fabric that I used for the ruffle and the super cute flower trim that I found from probably around the 1970’s.


I love love that cute cow image. 


This flour sack had a few stains, but I think it just adds to the vintage charm.


20” without the ruffles.  And this one definitely had to have a down insert.  So cute and “squishy.”

Lastly, I started a super fun project this weekend!

I don’t know about you, but my poor pathetic little brain is in over drive most of the time.  Always some kind of crazy scheme going on in there.  I know, kinda spooky!

So I thought…..appliqué…….





Lovin’ the contrast of the bright fabrics with the burlap.  Probably button centers for the flowers?  What do you think? 

Oh….I forgot to mention that these are all panels for a large lamp shade.  I hope hope that it turns out as cute as I have envisioned it.  I’m doing a black and white ruffle on the top and pink pompom fringe around the bottom. 

Heather has a large vintage lamp that we’re using for the base.

I am having tons of fun with this project.  I think probably because it has a bit of a crafty side to it along with sewing so it’s “feeding” more than one of my crazy obsessions at once. 

Hopefully, I’ll have this finished by the first of next week.  It will also be for sale at the Rink. 

So…..the fabric is piling up.

011 012

Right along with the pillow forms, and it seems like I haven’t seen the top of my farm table in weeks.  Hopefully all of the hard work will pay off.

So that’s what’s going on here at Bella Manor.  Do you have your Halloween costume yet?  Yeah, me neither. 

See ya!



  1. Love all your pillows. Can't wait to see how the lamp is going to turn out with the shade you are putting the appliques on. I love those flowers...too cute!

  2. The pillows are fabulous!!! Love the applique! And that cow print is totally the coolest!!

  3. That applique is ADORABLE!!!What a cute idea! Csn't wait to see it. I know exactly what you mean about your brain always having something going on. I have told my husband, "You'd be really scared if you knew just how many projects were going on in my head at one time!"

  4. I really like all of those pillows. The colors in the second one are beautiful. I love what you did with the burlap too. I think button centers would be perfect.

  5. All the pillows are very nice and the ones with the appilique look like they were a lot of work to do. But goregous to look at. Thank You for sharing your work Denise. Have a good week....Julian

  6. Love the pillow fabrics you used and you even made piping least favorite thing to make and sew but it really makes it look professional!
    Don't feel too bad I finally found my floor in my sewing room...uggh
    Yes thanks just went for my mammy today!! yay!

  7. Your pillows are very sweet and I love the feedsack one with the vintage fabric ruffle....very pretty.

    My sewing room looks like a hurricane hit it! LOL. I'm getting ready to open a new booth and I've been busy, busy, busy!!


  8. Oh my goodness that feedsack pillow is tooo cute! My brain is always swimming with too many ideas too!

  9. Of course I love it all! Denise, I wanted to tell you there is a Fall Festival going on this weekend 30th and 31st in Talihena, OK. I bet the Quachita Mts are going to be magnificant!
    Have a happy Halloween!

  10. Denise you are 'da bomb!!! Wow have you been busy. I wish you could rub off on me in the sewing dept.
    I have so many projects in my head...but that is where they stay most of the time. I adore your pillows!!!

    I haven't got my costume, but I did buy a new broom to ride!hehe

    Thank you sweet, for the dear message you left for me. I love your friendship!
    hugs to you...

  11. The pillows are great however my favorite will be the appliqued flowers can't wait to see them on what ever you are applying them to.

    youe blog always makes me happy with the beautiful painted furniture and now great pillows,


  12. The pillows are just gorgeous! Yes, yes on vintage buttons for the flowers. Can't wait to see how adorable it becomes! Heidi

  13. Beautiful pillows! Love your applique and that Hudson Cream pillow! So nice.

  14. Denise, you are soooooooooo creative and ambitious! Now that's the best combination I can think of! You rock!



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