Tuesday, October 19, 2010

The Tale Of The Travelling Curtain Panels (and other random stuff)

If you noticed the chocolate brown curtains in my newly decorated living room, you might remember that I’ve blogged about them before. 

No?  I can’t BELIEVE that a subject so mesmerizing isn’t burned into your memory banks!  :)  Okay, no more smarty pants!

So anywho, these were Heather’s and my super duper bargain burnt-out velvet panels from Wal-Mart.  I thought we paid $6.00 a panel, but Miss Heather was quick to remind me that they were $3.00 a panel.  So with a sweet deal like that, they have indeed travelled all over my house. 


Being a little bit tired of them, I decided that they needed a little embellishment for the living room.

I had a small remnant of this fabric.


From a local not-so-cheap fabric store.  It looked perfect when I pinned it on the bottom of the panels.  But it was going to cost around $60.00 to ruffle five panels.  Yikes!

I was going to spring for the cost though.  When I could afford it.

I hardly ever stop in Tuesday Morning, but just happened to wander in that very week.  There in the drapery panels, I spied something that looked a lot like my sample.  $12.99 for the panel.  I couldn’t believe it.  I was just sure it couldn’t be the same fabric.  I purchased it anyway with absolutely no expectations, brought it home, and it was the EXACT same fabric.  A little darker color, but hey, for that price I couldn’t beat it.


$12.99 (plus tax) to ruffle all five panels! 

Talk about perceived value.  I just assumed that it couldn’t be the same fabric.  Not for that price.  That’ll “learn” me! :)

After I stole an extra panel from the dining room to make up my five, I needed a new alternative for that room.  I also spied a pair of lined linen terra cotta drapery panels for $30.00 while I was in Tuesday Morning and purchased those as well.  I brought them home, sewed a blue linen ruffle on the inside, and VOILA!


Now I have the illusion that the sheers are peeking out from behind the new drapes which look custom made after adding a ruffle from fabric that I already had.   I’m all smiles around my house!  :)  :)  cheap cheap……

Do you detect a ruffle theme going on here?  Yeah, I love ‘em!

Found this beeeautiful sweet bird cage and stand at…..where else, the Rink yesterday.



I love it!  I think the stand is actually a little Italian side table.  The bird cage fit perfectly on top and that is how the girls had it displayed in their beautiful booth.

  Huumm, looks like my twigs took a bit of a nose dive.  I’ll have to redo those.  I sat it on the tall white chest in the living room.

Speaking of the Rink…….  Heather and I and the two talented ladies from whom I purchased this cutie, are talking about having a Holiday decorating seminar at the Rink in November.  I’ll know more after this Friday when I talk to the “boss.”   As far as I know though, it should be a go.  It will be on a Thursday evening at the Rink in OKC,  so keep an eye out on my blog for more news concerning that event. 

And now….I have to go corral this rascal.


Don’t you wish you had Styrofoam cup all over your bed?  Jezzzz…..

See Ya!



  1. Love the curtain ruffles! Oh...Miss Molly. My weenies love to bring cardboard to bed to tear up. I have to clean the bed out before I can get in it. Your little get together sounds fun at the Rink. I might have to show up!

  2. Oh, the curtain ruffles are too cute. Don't ya just love it when you find something sooooo much cheaper, it seriously makes my day! The birdcage is just darling too. I like the way you write it is humorous.

  3. I love the curtains!! The ruffles are perfect!!
    And that birdcage is fabulous!!
    Boy I would just love to have Styrofoam cup all over my bed too. Send puppy on over!!! Ha!

  4. Love the curtains! The colors are awesome and your added ruffle is gorgeous!

  5. good job!! i just love, LOVE a good bargain too!! like you, sometimes i almost pass some bargains up, thinking they are too good to be true (you stand at the store thinking "am i on candid camera?") love your playful sense of humor.
    have a good rest of the week,

  6. Love the curtains sooo cute. The birdcage is georgous and I love the rink... the only problem is I find way too much.

  7. So, so beautiful! So many wonderful things to look at here! I'm of the belief that you really can't have too many ruffles! Maybe it's a phase! Not sure. But I love your idea of adding the ruffle at the bottom.
    And had to say I LOVE what you did with your wetbar!

  8. Denise you are so crazy talented girl!!! I laughed when you said 'that'll learn me'. My husband says that all-the-time! I think it is Yosemiti Sam??? Loony toons??? Anyway, I have to tell you that I am seriously coveting your gorgeous livingroom. LOVE IT. I couldn't take it all in and I know I will be coming back many times until I do.
    hugs to you...

  9. You are an absolute wizard with the sewing machine. There is some talent envy going on right here!

  10. I have seen those curtains before in Walmart. You made a beautiful improvement with them. Love all the ruffles! And a cutie-cute birdcage!
    I wish I lived close enough to attend your seminar at the Rink. What fun!

  11. I love your ruffles their so pretty, great way to spice up things... and your birdcage is adorable with the little nest in it!!! Blessings~~~ Daphne

  12. Good heavens, those look great! I love the terrracota lining. Cute dog...mine loves to rip all of the toilet paper off the roll...nice.


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