Thursday, February 25, 2010


Yesterday was the day.  As in the day that we went to look at “the” barn for the wedding festivities.

So we were ever hopeful.  And optimistic, having not yet seen the barn.


oh boy……..


uh…..nice and airy, and the horses are happy.

oh boy………..


“what’s your problem lady, we love it here!”


“yeah, I’d get married here in a heartbeat!”


“I mean look at this place!  This is prime baby!  Prime!”


“Aahhh……come on Mama, give this baby a kiss.”

So… do you tell a generous and well intentioned friend……”NO!”

So I kindly said “no”, and same kind friend suggested that we check out the round barn in Arcadia Oklahoma just down the road.

“The Round Barn”  A famous landmark on old Route 66.  Say those three words to most any Oklahoma native and they know exactly what you’re talking about.

So we proceed on down the road pretty bummed.  And both Heather and I thinking that there’s probably no way that the date we want would be available and that it would be way out of our budget if it was available.

But… WAS available, and it was really reasonable!!!!!!!!


Built in 1898.


Here it is……an amazing piece of architecture!

The following pics. are pretty dark,  we couldn’t find all of the light switches.




That last one…..looking straight up at the roof inside.  Amazing.  And the acoustics….also amazing.  You can stand on one side of the barn and listen to a conversation on the other side like it’s being broadcast over a load speaker!  It has been lovingly and perfectly restored and is just beautiful.  These pictures are actually in the upstairs loft where parties and such take place.  We are very very excited!  


And… Heather received her special engagement ring.   Special for the most obvious reasons, but also special because it contains diamonds from my grandmother, my mother, and me.  And a very special diamond purchased by her fiancé.  So it is a true heirloom and a special piece of jewelry representing the women in our family.


I haven’t seen it yet.  Heather said that these pictures don’t even come close to doing it justice.


And here it is with the diamond solitaire.  She is so excited.  The jeweler wanted to replace one of the stones which was a different size, with another one but Heather said “no!”  Each and every stone had a significant meaning.  So he worked around it.  Very well, I think!



So… the serious planning begins.  I love the table setting in the pic. above.


I’ve started a wedding ideas file with beautiful ideas that I love!  AND I have many generous offers of help!

I have also had several requests to see our decorating before the ceremony.  Everyone is welcome to stop by the barn that day. I have no doubt that we will be there all day.  But watch out!  You may very well be put to work!

The big day……SATURDAY MAY 29TH!!!!

DENISE –Have a wonderful Friday!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

No.# 2

No. 2 is finished……finally.



I still have not painted the other end table, but that is next on my project list.

I have done something else new though……

014 (2)

You may have seen pictures of my antique sofa.  It was my grandmother’s and is an AUTHENTIQUE antique.  As in it’s older than I am.  WOW!  I know for sure that it’s at least 60 years old.  Probably older.  Anywho……this is the second fabric that it has ever had on it.  The sofa was in absolutely pristine condition when I got it. 

Now……well, I’d say Miss Molly pretty much says it all.

So…..I decided to cover it before it was completely ruined. 

Again, I had a zero budget, so used things that I either had or found at my Mother’s.


May I just say that this was about as much fun as wrestling a polar bear!  I had never attempted anything like this so it was all trial and error.  And there are still a couple of places where it isn’t straight.

I used a king size mattelase coverlet.  Pieces of cotton lace fabric for the arms, for more texture.  And…..the only other thing that I had enough of was a roll of canvas material that I found at my Mother’s.  It is actually too heavy a weight, but it worked out okay. 

I do like the way that the chocolate brown velvet pillows look against the cream.  And now, no more doggie dirt or cat scratches!


I bought these vintage pieces just last week with every intention of cutting them up and using the lace.  Who knew that they would look perfect on the back of the sofa!


Here’s the back, with my presently mismatched tables.   The back looks okay, but this sofa has a rolled back at the top and would look better with a lighter weight fabric that hangs better.

I’m getting really close to being finished with my “fluffathon” in these two rooms.




Here are some better views for those of you who have asked.

I have also been purchasing some pieces of milk glass.  But it has to be cheap cheap cheap!  So the going is a little slow.  We’re using milk glass in the wedding, more to come on that later!




Also love this little white tureen.  The handles are actually little crowns.  It was at the Rink for ages and didn’t sell.  Oh well…someone’s loss was my gain!


Just trying to Spring things up a bit on the dining table.  I do think though, that I’m maybe ready to move some garden statues and cloches to the table and change it up a bit.  I just love love to do table scapes!  Which is why doing the tables at the wedding is going to be so much fun!

Heather and I are going Wednesday morning to take a look at the barn where she wants her wedding to be.  I’m keeping my fingers crossed that it’s everything that she loves.  (note to self…do NOT forget the camera!)

Have a wonderful day!


Saturday, February 20, 2010

A Dose Of Whimsy

It has certainly been a dreary long winter in many places.  I heard on the weather earlier in the week that we have gotten 5” more snow than Denver.  Crazy!

Today is another dreary, rainy, cold, and cloudy day.

Well……we certainly can’t control the weather, we all know that. 

All we can do is make the best of the weather that we have.

So…..I declare that we all need a big dose of whimsy!

To brighten our view one way or another.

whimsy 021

Perhaps a small vignette in a shiny bowl.

whimsy 022

Birds with crowns and more crowns and silver and vintage glitter all on a tray.

But…..sigh…..that just doesn’t seem whimsical enough!

We need more more more!

whimsy 033

A whole WORLD of whimsy!

whimsy 027

A place where every day is a Holiday.  Just one    b i g Holiday!

whimsy 029

Where glitter and smiles reign and in fact, are the norm!

whimsy 025

And otherwise serious girls wear pink feathered wings!

whimsy 024

Where tiny little princesses live in vintage velvet lined jewelry cases!

whimsy 023

And inspiration is everywhere!

whimsy 031

whimsy 034

And ruffles, we must must have ruffles!

whimsy 035

And vintage lace everywhere!

So…..this is MY whimsical happy world!  Where is yours?  A little corner perhaps, or maybe one small shelf? 

If you don’t have one of those whimsical happy places, you MUST create one!  Pull out those little whimsies, the ones that you usually keep hidden away until the “appropriate” season.  Or maybe the things that just don’t seem to fit into your usual world.  And place them in your little whimsical world.  They’ll make you smile and feel way less gloomy! 



Tuesday, February 16, 2010


I just finished the first of my two living room end tables and the difference is AMAZING!


Here is the original color.  This one is eagerly awaiting its turn.


And here is the new color!  I am thrilled with the way it turned out.  Color is an amazing thing, don’t you think?  This is the only thing that is different in the entire room, and yet it changes everything.


I painted the existing detailing a metallic silvery/gold color.

I was fortunate that the tables already have a fantastic crackle finish.  This shows up even better with the more neutral color.

007  008

Look at the cream table with my new chairs.  The perfect compliment.


I also changed my alcove sheers in my bedroom.  White.  After searching all day for the perfect fabric, I ran by Wal-Mart and found these for $10.00 each!  The perfect price made these the perfect panels!


Miss Willow, being a neutral girl herself, is loving the neutral color schemes!  I’m sure it has nothing to do with the fact that the pillow is down filled……nah, that couldn’t be it.

Heather and I are both working on several pieces of furniture for our booth at the Rink also.  More details to follow!

Happy Tuesday!


Saturday, February 13, 2010

Lamp shade project/Learning from my mistakes

First time projects are kinda like that, don’t you think?  Mistakes will be made, especially when you fly by the seat of your pants like I do.

Lamp shades.

I’ve done several lamp shade projects, but I always covered right over the existing shade, using the fabric of my choice and spray glue.


A shade like this one.  You simply tear off the trim and section divider pieces (is that what they’re called?)  Cut your fabric to the correct size.  Spray glue the shade in sections.  Then smooth on your fabric.  When you’re done, trim the shade with gimp along the sides and your choice of trims at top and bottom.  A very easy project.

But…..I had a shade frame.


Here’s the finished shade.

Mistakes I made?

  1. Should have lined the fabric.  I choose a very sheer linen/burlap look and I don’t like being able to see the harp showing through.
  2. Trim is crooked.  Be more careful next time to make sure I get it on more evenly.
  3. Sew more/glue less!

So……keeping those tips in mind, here’s how to proceed with this project.

First timers, like me, should choose a shade without a significant flair at the bottom.  It will be much easier to cover.  In fact, I did mine with one continuous piece of fabric.

Measure the height and width of your shade.  I added a little extra for the corners so that I could include a pleat.


Starting at the top, apply hot glue in small sections and wrap you fabric around the frame, leaving just about half an inch on the inside.  Continue all the way around the top in this manner.

The bottom will be done the same way.  Be sure and pull your fabric nice and tight.


Next, apply your trim across the bottom.  I gathered mine as I was gluing.   I applied the white ruffle first, and the vintage trim over that.   Should have gathered the ruffle first with the sewing machine.  Then I probably wouldn’t have gotten it on crooked.  Oops!  That should be #4 on my mistakes list!

What did I use for my ruffle?  Flour sack kitchen towels!  They were the perfect choice!  Just measure your strips and tear!  No scissors!  And…..this is what gives your ruffle the ragged edges.  You can purchase these at Wal-Mart in a pack of five for cheap cheap.  This shade took less than one towel.


Next……apply your vintage goodies. 


I used printable fabric for the images.  This stuff is expensive!  $8.00 for 3 sheets at Hobby Lobby.   So be careful and get it right the first time.  Just advice from someone who hates to waste that money……

The cute cotton lace frames are from Michaels in the scrap book department.  From K.C. and Company.  You get one each of both frames in small and large for $3.99.

008 008

This is where I should have sewn more and glued less.  I was just afraid that I wouldn’t get anything sewn on in the proper place so I decided to glue.  I DID, however, take the images to the sewing machine and stitched around them in uneven circles.  Hopefully giving the illusion that they are sewn on.

I also should have hand stitched the tulle flower first.  I kept getting hot glue in the tulle, and actually had to trash the first one.


Here’s one of the sides.

So… is my lamp shade.  I think it turned out well considering my mistakes.

I owe KAREN at My Desert Cottage at big THANK YOU for inspiring me to complete this project!  Just click on her name above to visit her blog and see the beautiful shade that she made!

Have a wonderful weekend.  The sun is out here!  WooHoo!!



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