Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Never Say Never Part……??

It will come back to haunt your every time!

Such as never ever say “I will neeeever get another pet.”

“I have enough problems.”

Big dogs who think they’re tiny.

It’s always the WHITE sofa.


You know better Molly!

Cats a plenty!


There was this kitty that had belonged to my mother.  Living in that nearly empty house since his other kitty siblings had found new homes.  

PLUS…..he had mysteriously shown up right after my Dad passed away.  So my mother had  named him after my Dad.  That kinda made him a little bit special. 

Meet Jack…….

Oh, and pay close attention to my AMAZING pet photography skills.  NOT!

Attempt no. 1

Attempt no.2

Attempt no.3

Attempt no.4

I give.  At least I know why my floors have been so dirty lately.

Miss A has made it her mission to completely ignore him.

Molly has made it her mission to torment him endlessly.

And poor little Willow…….

Here kitty kitty…………

She’s totally traumatized.  Poor baby.

I actually had to put a litter box and her food in the master bathroom because she won’t leave the bedroom.

Why do we do these things to ourselves?  Like I don’t have enough to do.   I have to be a cat referee.  Breaking up fights and coaxing kitties out from under the bed.  Uhhhrggg!

Other than that, we’ve been choosing paint colors for my mother’s house.


Just choose something neutral.  A color that any buyer might love.  That should be easy, right?  HA!   So far, we’ve chosen the color for the master bedroom.  We’re also doing special finishes on the living room bookcases and the bathroom vanities.  New hardware also.  With the brick floors that my Mother had installed, the remodeled kitchen ,  the huge den with huge craft closet that she had added on, and the cute screened in deck that looks out into the backyard, we’re hoping that the house sells right away.

I’m still searching for the right color for the living room and the hall.  We need something that really reflects light as both areas are very dark.  If you have any paint suggestions, Heather and I would be forever grateful for your help.  We’ll probably use the same color in the other two bedrooms also.  Back to contemplating paint choices!



  1. So funny! I guess they just add so much to our lives...

  2. But the WHITE sofa is the MOST comfortable! When I introduced a new cat to my mix (I have four) my two oldest female cats sat on the counters for about three months! NO LIE! THREE MONTHS until they finally decided that they could tolerate Bella....she gives them the dickens and there is still some hissing that goes on from time to time but it has gotten better!

    Lou Cinda

  3. The picture with the dog with it's ears down on the ottomen was priceless. You can just look at him and no that he was being scolded for being up on the furniture.

  4. Hopefully are your pet babies will soon make friends, they are adorable, well, I am not sure about the one under the bed since I can't see it ;c) You have wonderful taste and I am sure you will pick perfect paint!

  5. These fur babies take MUCHO time & energy. Hubby got a puppy for Christmas & you know who has to deal don't you???? YEP!!!! And I soooooooo didn't want another thing to take care of... I'm feelin your pain. GOOD LUCK!

  6. Oh, just look at how sweet your fur babies are!
    I love them all.

    As for paint color suggestions, I am no help.
    I find chosing colors as one of the most difficult design decisions.


  7. The furry clan looks pretty content! They do seem to take up the best seats of the house don't they? We only have a couple of meanies that we have to referee. The two princesses Charlotte and Bella! They think they're tough and want to boss everyone else. I feel for you!

    On the paint choice.....I took the easy way out and just went with white!!! which hubby is going to start tonight!!! woo hoo finally!

  8. It makes raising children seem easy doesn't it Denise? Yes, it's ALWAYS the white sofa! T.T. Rabbit isn't lovin' Jackson much...but secretly I think the two of them like each other better than they are letting on.
    Good luck to you mom.

  9. Life would be dismal without the pet zoo! Cats add sooo much drama. Part of my home is a dark dungeon and when I get the time to paint it will be a warm, creamy off-white - the test spots look really nice in different light.

  10. Oh I understand! Before my Dad died he and my Mom stayed with me for a while so I could help my Mom and at that time a stray showed up that gave my Dad so much enjoyment while he was sick, it was just a goofy cat with half a tail. well years later the cat got sick and we did all we could to keep it alive, I felt terrible when it died because it was Dads cat, so I understand!


  11. Oh, your fur babies are so adorable... as for the paint color, I'm on a white kick right now, creamy off white or stark white would be my choice!!! Good luck in choosing your colors!
    Blessings~~~ Daphne

  12. Hi Denise, good luck getting your mom's house ready to sell. Your furbabies are sweet. Jack look likes our Jingles. I have so many street cats that I feed several times a day. One of them I named Sweet Kitty comes to my door morning, noon and night for a spoon of canned food just for her. :) She also wants to come live with us, but hubby and Jingles aren't going for that. :/ Take care! Tammy

  13. We have a big yellow lab that has a large ottoman we call her "perch". It is past needing to be THROWN OUT! But I'm so afraid she'll choose another piece of furniture as her own, like your Molly!
    Choosing neutrals is supposed to be easier than other colors but it's not! Wish I had a great all purpose stand by for you!

  14. We all deal with the same things when it comes to our loved pets or as I call Sissy my baby(pug).
    A friend of mine thinks i am really off.

    anyway any light paint color to start with will do because she can always paint over it when she really decided which colors she wants.

    I think I am going to paint my bedroom bubble gum pink


  15. Well, you're a good furry's just what you do :)

    ....and yes, it is ALWAYS the white sofa...haha!

  16. Hi Denise,

    Oh Joy!! Painting again...the hardest part is picking the color. I do hope the house sells sounds very nice.

    And on the animal kingdom "home front" I see you have been taken over! hee hee Oh my gosh, how I remember when I had several cats at was always a circus around the house.

    Hope you are doing well otherwise. :-) I'm just getting well from some vile bug that I caught...Thomas brought it home with him and then he left again..isn't he nice! His short term job is over and he'll be home again full time as of tomorrow.

    Drop by when you have a moment! I have a section from the Social Etiquette book posted. I know you love paper crafts so you may like to have the pages.

    Stephanie ♥

  17. I think kitties are very hard to get a photo of, especially if they're awake :-) You don't realize how much they move until you try to take a picture!
    That white sofa is beautiful and looks oh so comfy!


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