Saturday, February 5, 2011

Snow Days

If you’ve been snowed in this week like we have, what have you been doing?  Other than cooking and cleaning the kitchen 90bazillion times! :)

Attempts were made to stay outside in the freezing cold more than about 10 minutes.

Brrrrrr it’s been cold!

I did manage to start making a few new flowers.


Then I promptly ran out of glue sticks.  Darn it!

You would think that this should have been a very productive week.  Instead it was all about lounging around wrapped in a blanket and watching T.V.

And of course cruising blogs.  One of my first stops is always Little Blue Deer where you will find wonderful images like this…..


Shari always finds the most fantastic pictures.  Thank you Shari!  This is my idea of a perfect snow day.  When you visit Shari’s blog, be sure and visit her sources listed under each post.  Tumblr is FULL of amazing eye candy!


I could SO curl up on this sofa with a good book.  Love LOVE the color.  Grey is becoming a new favorite of mine.


If you prefer more color, this tufted yellow head board is pretty yummy.  Love the bedding that they’ve paired it with!

Easy elegance

This picture makes me want to paint and paper my old door.  Love the chippy peely look of it.  I have to wonder though, why is it when I throw a cover like that over my furniture, it never looks so beautiful?


I need to try and make one of those wonderful flowers on that bag.  Again, the grey walls with the pops of color really does it for me.

Be sure and visit Just Be Splendid and Vintage Rose Garden for the pictures above and hours of great blogging beauty!  I found both of these Tumblr blogs through Little Blue Deer.

Hope you are having a wonderful weekend.  The sun is out here.  Temporarily at least.  Apparently there is another round of bad weather headed our way.



  1. I hear ya girl!!! I'm so tired of the snow I think Ive gained 10 lbs since Tues. lol

  2. We have only seen the sun for 5 days here since December 15 and it's snowed every week since then. The snow has finally melted and now it's raining! I will take the rain over the snow though!


  3. I love Shari's blog. Yes, she finds the best photos.

  4. I soooooo feel you pain of cooking/cleaning! YIKES how many pounds on my hips will all this "comfort" food be? Hubby went up to OKC on Wednesday & it took him 24 hours to do the turn around because of the ICE on the highway. YIKES! Stay warm. HUGS!

  5. I can't believe you got snowed in and then ran out of glue sticks!!! Not like you can run to a neighbor and borrow some. Oh, don't hate me, but I live in Orlando and it has been in the 70s and 80s...Just remember it will be 170 and 180 this summer HA! You stay warm and enjoy blog surfing!!


  6. I'm with you... I'm really loving the color gray, and that couch and fireplace is so gorgeous! It snowed here this week and and I just love it, I think it's so beautiful when the snow is falling. I know a lot of people are getting tired of the cold weather, we just don't get that much snow here in Texas so I've enjoyed it! I stayed in a lot and have been getting things ready to put on my website! Thanks for stopping by and for your sweet comments. Hope you have a wonderful week!
    Blessings~~~ Daphne

  7. It has been cold, hasn't it! I'm with you, this week should be have very productive but with the kids home, it's been hard to get much done. Everyone keeps wanting to EAT!
    These are some great inspirational pics! The first one is so romantic! I love it!
    I just made new cafe sheers for my side windows by the front door inspired by yours! When I get around to posting about them I'll make sure to mentioned you as my inspiration!
    Enjoy your weekend!

  8. I am beyond ready for warmer weather here, lol. Swooning over the gray velvet sofa! Happy crafting and stay warm ~ Heidi

  9. Oh got some snow!!!! I think if I was going to be snow bound though...I would want to be snow bound in that beautiful home of yours!
    I love those flowers Denise! So pretty. Thank you for the links to these blogs, they look yummy!
    sending warm hugs...

  10. This blog is very beautiful....
    The colors are so pretty....
    I'm french sorry of my English!!!!
    I Invite you to visit mine, and you can let a comment in English if you want....
    I see you soon

  11. Denise, I LOVE that sofa too!!! Gorgeous!! I am yearning for Spring! We are predicted snow for Wednesday night into Thursday....we have had more snow this year than in my entire life! This is the SOUTH!!

    Stay warm!

    Lou Cinda


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