Thursday, February 17, 2011


This hounds…..tooth is make in’ me howl.  With delight.

Heather recently finished this one for her bedroom.


Grey and silver metallic.  Love the different knobs on each drawer.  She said she’d be happy to paint one for you…….for about a gazillion dollars.  Apparently this was quite time consuming.  Hand painted.  NOT stenciled.  YIKES!


A highchair for a customer.  Polka dots on the spindles?  I don’t know how she does it.  Really!


Frames.  You wouldn’t even need a photo in this.  It’s a piece of art by itself.


zcz zzc

These pics. that she sent me are small, but when I tried to enlarge, I lost too much resolution and they were blurry.  But you get the idea!  I love LOVE the floral.  These frames are HUGE.  Huummm, how about stapling some chicken wire on the back and using them for jewelry hangers.  CUTE!

At home…..Jack The Cat has been renamed.  Jack The Ripper!  After his most recent blitz attack on poor Willow kitty.

“Who me?  But look how adorable I am!”

“I mean seriously, have you EVER seen a cuter kitty than little old ME.”

It’s always the most innocent looking who are the biggest trouble makers!……

……See Ya!



  1. Just look at the face on that sweet Jack...what an innocent little thing! LOL!

    Love the houndstooth pattern on the dresser. Wow, what a job! Her frames are wonderful.


  2. Hi Denise,

    I'd be nuts after attempting to hand paint she medicated tonight..:0) I love that high chair and I hope she continues to paint the frames! That's something that I can buy and you can mail to me...I knew I'd eventually find something that could be mailed...ha ha....seriously the frames are over the top.

    She's just so talented but of course, she comes by it naturally..look at her momma. ♥

    Jack the Ripper is a pretty kitty!

    Stephanie ♥

  3. Love the painted furniture, Heather is very talented, looks like a lot of work, but their beautiful! I love the frames too, gorgeous... and that is one cute kitty!!!
    hugs~~~ Daphne

  4. OMG Denise...Heather always amazes me with her painting. She is soooo talented. thank you for sharing these beautiful pieces with us!
    Oh Jack is the cutest cat ever, I can't believe he could ever be bad.hehe
    hugs to you...

  5. Those frames are beautiful!! And adorable kitty!!

  6. Hi Denise,
    Thanks for the souvenir of Eiffel Tower, it's your French touch!!!!
    I like too your beautiful frames, and your cat looks like a sweet tiger....
    See you soon


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