Saturday, February 12, 2011

Still Editing

I’m still in the editing mood around here.   Remember this bench?

A great size for a child’s room, it went to the Rink this week.  The little slipcover stayed with it, the pillow is staying with me.

A little blue vintage end table from the living room.  A rooster lamp, and plate rack and plates also  need new homes.

And this bench will be on the way next week.

After I paint it.

With this seat cover.  I had a slipcover on it, which is somewhere in my archives, if you’re looking for a better picture,  but I’m keeping that fabric.  This cushion is in perfect condition and reverses to a solid brown.

In its place……


The little chair is waiting to be reupholstered, but I thought it looked kinda cute just like it is.  It’s so old that there is straw underneath the batting.

I LOVE my vintage suitcases and actually use them to store craft supplies in.   And of course baskets.  I change their little vignettes all the time.

This trunk……..

Will be getting a coat of cream paint this week and I’ll be keeping it.  More great storage, probably for all those magazines we all “need.”

Love the lamp shade that I finished for this lamp.  The hair clip isn’t part of the decor. :)  oops!

So I’ve been organizing, editing, cleaning closets, and really trying to minimize my furniture and accessories.  Isn’t it amazing what you can accumulate after 30 years in the same house.  Yep 30 (plus) years!

One thing’s for sure, I’m NOT a hoarder!  :)



  1. Such loveliness to go thru! My Christmas stuff is still piled in a corner of my livingroom!!

    That branch bench is my fave ;)

  2. I was just thinking how I need to do a little editing in my home. I need to find the time and energy.
    I'm in love with your stack of suitcases and the vingette you created with the little chair, so sweet.


  3. There's something so freeing about "editing"! And you have the perfect outlet in which to edit! So many beautiful things headed to the rink!

  4. Hi Denise,
    I love the stacked suitcases and that tiny chair is precious...I always wish I lived close to you when I see the stuff that you haul out! I love that bench too.

    Happy Valentine's Day!
    Stephanie ♥

  5. I love the suitcases and the way you captured the sunlight coming thru. I would keep the little chair as is. You work too hard!
    But I know how it all accumulates. I have major purging to do in my guest/sewing room. Have my niece coming in the fall for 2 weeks! Panic set in! And yes I need that much time to clean it up!

    Happy Valentines Day sweety


  6. Hi Denise
    Thanks for your comments, I love your vintage suitcases too, It's a good idea to put them like that with a sweet light...
    I agree with you about the things we can accumulate!!!
    See you soon

  7. My comment seems to have if you find it will you read it? LOL Not sure where it disappeared to... *sigh*

  8. vanished...
    What I said was that I loved detail and your home has so much interest.
    I love that old chest. It looks like it has tiny brass tips on the corners of the lid. Does it?
    I have a tiny trunk that I have doll clothes in and I am afraid to paint it...the poor thing is black. Hmmm...I need to think on this! :)


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