Monday, February 28, 2011

The Power of Change!

It was simple, really.  Either move my sewing “junk” somewhere besides the dining room,  or go CRAZy.  And it’s a short trip to crazy for this gal! :)  

So, and this was my Hubby’s idea, upstairs to the small nook in our master bedroom it allll went.  As he said, at least it’s the last room in the house that visitors ever see.  So if it gets messy, not such a big deal!

But, I had no idea what a transformation this would be!

Tons of pics. to follow……..

New matching bookcases.  One on either end.

Is it just me, or is there something about stacks of fabric?   All of that color, pattern, and texture.

OTHER side!

Ms. Mannequin LOVES it here.   It’s almost time for her Spring couture!

And my long narrow work table in the center for my sewing machines.

Skirted for more hidden storage underneath.

And there MUST be a bit of bling.

Those little guys…….just because!

Now, the only thing missing is a good cutting table. 

However, this will work for smaller projects.

Need to find a solution for all of those cords.  Any suggestions?  I almost sold my Clinique Cheron poster so many times.  But there’s just always been something about it that I love.  I’m thinking about maybe painting the table top and the frames.  Too much gold??

My Mom’s childhood Pinocchio hankie. 

Aahhh…….sweet moon.  Me thinks you are about to become FAMOUS!  But that’s for a later post!

Off to buy some Spring fabrics!  Are you beginning to love brighter colors with the nicer weather and sunshine?  Me too!!




  1. Oh no, Denise, that table is fabulous! Great area to sit and enjoy a cup of coffee or tea while pondering a project. Love that round pillow peaking into the picture on your chair. There is something about fabric ~ even if it is just sitting on a shelf. I love it, too! Is this area right in your master? So if you are hit with inspiration in the night, would sewing be out of the question? It looks like everything fits nicely though.

  2. Your space looks perfect! I love all the extras you have for the extra bling. I am off to see more of your blog, I am now a new follower. hugs, Diane

  3. Hi Denise,

    It always amazes me how we can overlook the obvious...this nook is perfect and so cozy. Cords are such a pain...I use an extension cord to pull everything to a corner {if possible}...if not..maybe a tablecloth or wall hanging that drapes to the floor behind the table...use a neat print so it shows up as a planned artistic element. :0)

    Hope you are warming up in Oklahoma. My red oaks and sugar maples are it'll probably freeze again and kill the tender buds. boo hoo...

    Have a great day..
    Stephanie ♥

  4. Your new creative nook looks divine! I like stephanie's idea about draping something over the cords to hide them, or you can corral them thru some kind of tube...

    I can see a lot of creativity going on in that space!

  5. LOVELY LOVELY LOVELY space. Adorable and perfect!

  6. Hi Denise,
    i love your special sewing corner. it is such a special place just full of yummy stuff!

    Love that little table too.


  7. That space is lovely! I mean, Where Women Create, lovely!! You should submit the pics :D

  8. What a pretty sunny sewing spot. Yes, I love the stacks of pretty fabric.

  9. Oh...forgot to say....I love the new header with your sweet kitty included.

  10. Your sewing nook now looks lovely!

  11. What a very lovely place! Everything looks pretty and nice.

  12. That must have been a huge job! I'm with you, there's just something about stacks of fabric. I wouldn't call mine stacks right now. More like piles. Or many just a plain old mess! I need a day of reorganizing like you! Looks like a fun space, Denise!

  13. Oh Denise, I think your sewing nook is wonderful. You're so right, there's just something about all that beautiful fabric stacked up. I love it. I think you should let everyone who visits see it though...they'd love it too :-)
    P.S. Maybe you could offer me a little advice on my own dress dilemma :-)

  14. I too LOVE stacked fabric! What a great little retreat to work on fun projects. Thanks for sharing! xo, Caroline

  15. I like the move and especially all the pictures.You really have a nice stash of material.

    Also keep your Clinique Cheron print, my vet has that in her office and I love it she has those skinny dogs I don't know their names.

    I like seeing where other people create

  16. I love it all! Are your drapes like an imprinted velvet type material? They look like my bedroom drapes! :)

    Hugs to you,


  17. Thanks for linking up to the Workspace Showcase at WWC! Your nook is so romantic and whimsical! A great space to create!!

  18. Your room is so wonderful. I am inspired just looking at it. I am hoping someday to have a craft room!

    The Joyful Thrifter


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