Thursday, March 3, 2011

Have A Seat

When are dining chairs considered “vintage” instead of just ugly and old?  My dining chairs were definitely the latter. :)  Just plain ugly!

I’ve blogged about these chairs before.


Yep, ugly!


Here they are now.  No1 and there’s also a No2

Update on the burlap.  NOT great for sitting on every day.  Even though we only use the table and chairs several times a year, because of the loose weave and the overall nature of burlap, the numbers are beginning to wear off.

So, then I thought “slipcovers!”



Which is when I made this one.  I loved the way that it turned out.  Well, except for the front, which needs ties to stay put.  But I didn’t use a pattern.  So months later, when I was ready to slip my other chairs, oops……I wasn’t quite sure that I could duplicate it.  Sigh……..

This chair was next.


Drop clothes for the seat and white linen for the pleats.

Then, hey, why have any two alike, right?


So I ruffled the last one.  With cotton lace.


Here are the backs.  So……hands down, the fitted button back is the most functional and stays put the best. 

So now that I’ve figured that out……:)

I guess I’m done.  In the end, I really don’t mind the fact that they’re all different.  And hey, it gave me something to blog about. :)

Have a wonderful weekend.



  1. Hi Denise, Your chairs look beautiful and you did a cool job on the fabric also. Thank You for stopping by have a good evening....Julian

  2. I like the fact that they're all different! And I can so relate to waiting so long you forgot home you made it in the first place! LOL! They turned out great and look terrific, Denise!

  3. I love them all different, too...although that button back looks so tailed and professional!

    I used to collect different place settings long ago so I could give every guest a unique place at the it's paper plates...haha! Oh, how times have changed :)

  4. Your chairs looks wonderful and the slips are darling, I love the different looks! Isn't it amazing what paint and some fabric can do! so glad you came to the party,

  5. I love love love the fitted button back one. And the chairs look great painted white. I always think it's so amazing how white paint can make the ugliest thing look great.

  6. I love them!! They are fabulous and I think that they are different is really cool. It adds to the overall texture of the pieces!!
    Very cool!

  7. HI Denise,
    I think the slipcovers all look fabulous and I love them with different looks. Adds some whimsey to your room and I love it.


  8. They all look great, Denise! I like the idea of a different style, but they have the same fabric look so they look good together. I don't know which I like better! I love the new color, too. It's funny how the details on the back of the chair stand out more now that they are white.

  9. I love them being different Denise! I'm not a matchy kindda girl. I think you transformed those ugly ducklings into beautiful swans...every one!!!
    big hugs

  10. Absolutely darling~ Love your chairs and their pretty slips!! Stopping by from Common Ground- now following~ Nice to meet you! :)

  11. Love them all!!! Differents and beautiful,Great!


  12. Hi Denise! I just wanted to stop by and say "thank you" for visiting my blog! I certainly enjoyed my visit at yours! I, for one, love the different slipcover on each chair. It really creates a sense of playfulness, which I adore! Anyway, I am your newest follower and am looking forward to your future posts!

  13. I love them!! And I also love the fact that they ARE different!! Great job!

  14. They look great all different! Shows off all your talent with the sewing machine!

  15. Merci de ton passage ,je découvre ainsi ton blog.

    A kiss of France.


  16. I LOVE LOVE LOVE them!


  17. Those are wonderful! The white paint made all of the difference in the world and then you put your lovely slipcovers on them and WOW! I like all of them, the ruffles are so pretty! I liked the number seat but I have to agree on the burlap... who sits on that stuff? :) thanks for sharing these, they are gorgeous! xoxo

  18. Denise, Your Chair slips are absolutely gorgeous, I adore the buttoned back style, you are so clever. I always get so excited when I see a knew blog post from you, I adore your blog! Hugs, Mandy x


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